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4NCL FIDE Rated Tournaments

Full details of the 22nd Congress (Telford), the 23rd Congress (South Normanton), the Hull International Congress and the 24th Congress (Harrogate) are below. Or click the tab (right) for more information.

4NCL Women's League

20.6.19 - The 4NCL are thinking about setting up a Womenís League Ė initially for one weekend during the 2019-20 season just to test the water, with maybe expansion in later seasons if the idea gains decent traction. Please read more here or click the top tab for more information.

22nd 4NCL Congress



Friday 19 - Sunday 21 July 2019, Ramada Hotel Telford Ironbridge, Telford.


Three sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 and ECF U135 | More here


Pairings and Results: Open | U2000 | ECF U135 | Games | Prizewinners | Entries


Entry to this event is now closed. We apologise for any inconvenience.

23rd 4NCL Congress



Friday 4 - Sunday 6 October 2019, Holiday Inn South Normanton, Derbyshire.


Three sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 and ECF U135 | More here





Please note: The date and venue of this event have changed. Itís now a week later than originally planned, and will be at the Holiday Inn South Normanton rather than the Nottingham Sherwood Hotel. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Hull 4NCL International Congress - incorporating a 10-player GM Norm Event



Friday 1 - Sunday 3 Nov 2019 at the Royal Hotel Hull.


Three sections; FIDE Open, U2000 and U135 | More Here






We're indebted to the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust for their financial support on the junior side, and to Hull & District Chess Association, Hull Culture & Leisure, Friends of Chess and the ECF for their financial support for the GM norm tournament.


24th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress



Friday 17 - Sunday 19 January 2020 at the The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.


Three sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 and U135 | More here




Runners & Riders 2019-20

05.6.19 - The first list of teams entered is here. Thank you to captains and/or team managers for providing the required information so early. The list will be updated regularly.

Entry Guidelines 2019-20

02.6.19 - With fees due and important dates for the new season - with special thanks to Mike Truran.

End of Season Reports

11.5.19 - Many thanks to Jonathan Rogers for his extensive and excellent end of season 1c report and an additional report about 1d, 2018-19.

Dates and Venues 2019-20

10.5.19 - The venues and dates for next season are now published - with particular thanks to Mike Truran.

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