Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - 25 March


Cancelled: Easter Congress (9-13 Apr), Women's League (25-26 Apr) & the 3rd Spring Bank Holiday Congress (22-25 May).


Postponed: Weekend 4 (28-29 Mar & 4-5 Apr) and Weekend 5 (8-10 May). More here.


Entry forms for the two cancelled congresses and the cancelled Women's League have been withdrawn, and these events will not be taking place as planned given the current pandemic.


4NCL Online

The 4NCL welcomes entries to its new online national league 4NCL Online.


4NCL Online is open to all any teams who are interested in participating, and not just existing 4NCL teams.

  1. 4NCL Online will be played on a divisional basis, with teams allocated to divisions based on strength and with promotion and relegation between the various divisions.

  2. Matches will be between teams of four players using a 45 mins/15 sec time control.

  3. Matches will take place each week at 7.30pm on Tuesday evenings.

  4. There is no entry fee.

The rules for the competition can be found here.


The entry form can be found here.


Entry will be open until midnight on Friday 3 April. 4NCL Online will run on Tuesday nights, starting on Tuesday 7 April.


Once you have entered, you will receive a user guide together with your username and password for the 4NCL software. You will then be able to:

  1. Register your players for your squad, which will need to be done by midnight on Saturday 4 April.

  2. Input your team lists for Round 1, which will need to be done by Monday 6 April at 7:30pm in accordance with the rules linked above. In advance of this, the 4NCL intends to publish the format and the team pairings on Sunday 5 April. The 4NCL will publish the board pairings at 6:30pm on Tuesday 7 April.

4NCL Online will be played on Lichess. Instructions for creating your account and initiating games of chess against the right opponent on Lichess can be found here.


If you have any other questions, please contact .

25th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress



Friday 10 - Sunday 12 July 2020, Wychwood Park Hotel & Golf Club, Crewe.


Three sections: FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 and ECF U135 | More here




Fide drops handshakes after coronavirus cancels five Opens - Leonard Barden


07.3.20 - Coronavirus is starting to affect major chess events. Five international Opens have already been cancelled or postponed while Fide, the global chess body, has issued detailed medical advice for the over-50 and over-65 World Senior Teams which have just begun in Prague.




Britain’s 4NCL (Four Nations Chess League) played its latest matches last weekend at Daventry, where Guildford stretched their unbeaten sequence to 85 matches and eight years. Guildford’s world team silver medallist Gawain Jones brought off a quick finish as he exploited White’s army crammed in a corner.



Guildford’s rivals Manx Liberty have also won all six matches, but the most impressive performance so far has been by Grantham, whose team has no grandmasters and just a few IMs. They have lost only to Manx and are sure to qualify among the eight teams in the championship pool, while it was a Grantham player who brought off the most visual finish of the weekend in the puzzle diagram.


Katarzyna Toma v Rajat Makkar, Wood Green v Grantham, 4NCL 2020. How did Black (to play) win quickly and cleverly?


Read more and see solution

Junior 4NCL Weekend 3/3

The final 19-20 weekend took place Sat 15 & Sun 16 February at Mercure Daventry Court Hotel and Spa.


Click for links to the pairings, results and tables. This was the 3rd & final weekend of the J4NCL season.


Entry guidelines 19-20 | Competition Rules 19-20 | Teams 19-20

Main 4NCL 2019-20

a) 2019-20 Rules | view or download the new rules & tracked version


Main Changes (from 2018-19)


Rule 1.3:   Date of birth for eligibility as a junior updated.
Rule 3.1:  

There are now financial penalties for late submission of team registration lists (submission deadline 11 October).

Rule 9.4:  

Changes to team lists can still be made without penalty until midnight of the day before the fixture, but they should be made online or by email (in other words, do not rely on arbiters staying up late).

Rules 11.9 & 11.10:  

Amended to discourage the practice of teams in Swiss divisions attending for only part of a weekend.

Rule 12.1:  

Starting time on the middle day of a three-day weekend will be 12 noon and not 13.00.

Rule 13.3:  

Corrects last season’s rules’ rather odd failure to mention explicitly that four teams will be relegated from Division 3 South.


b) Runners & Riders: The final list is here. Thank you to all concerned for the information.

c) Entry Guidelines: These are published with fees due and important dates.

d) Venues and dates: These are now arranged and agreed for the forthcoming season.

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