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13th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress



Friday 7 - Sunday 9 April 2017 at the Cedar Court Hotel, Wakefield, Yorkshire.


Entry is now open to three sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 (ECF U175) and U135 | More here |




Weekend 2, 14-15 January

Pairings & Results: Please see l/h or top menus for all team pairings & results.

PGNS & Replays: All Games from Weekend 2 will be available here over the next week or so.

12th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress



This took place, Friday 6 - Sunday 8 January 2017 at the The Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.


There were three sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 (ECF U175) and U135.


Pairings and Results

Open | Major | Minor | PGNs & Replay | Entry Lists | Photos | Prizewinners |



- with thanks to IA Lara Barnes and IA Alex McFarlane for running another successful event.

Divisions 3 and 4, Weekend 1

20.12.16 - A report round-up about Weekend 1 at Wakefield and Wokefield Park including an annotated 'star game' is now available - with thanks to Steve Burke.

Weekend 2

06.12.16 - Rounds 3 & 4 take place 14-15 January at Park inn Northampton for Divisions 1 & 2, De Vere Wokefield Park for Divisions 3 & 4 South and Mercure Bolton Georgian House for Division 3 North. Matches start 14.00 on the Saturday and 11.00 on the Sunday. Links to all games and replays from weekend 1 are available here.

Div 3n Team Report

30.11.16 - Many thanks to Andy Mort (Spirit of Atticus) for his Division 3n report about the B team's first weekend adventures at the Cedar Court Hotel, Wakefield.

Weekend 1, Division 3n (Wakefield), 3s & 4s (Wokefield Park), 26-27 Nov

Sat 26 Nov Sun 27 Nov        
Div 3n Rd1 Div 3n Rd2  


Div 3sa Rd1 Div 3sa Rd2
Div 3sb Rd1 Div 3sb Rd2
Div 4s Rd1 Div 4s Rd2
Tables PGNs & Replay  
Div 3n Div 3n  
Div 3sa Div 3sa
Div 3sb Div 3sb
Div 4s Div 4s
Time controls: See rule 12.6


You might need to refresh your display to view updated results (press F5).

Div 2d Team Report

24.11.16 - Many thanks to John Carleton (Spirit of Atticus A) for his Division 2d report about the A team and their hard-fought battles during weekend 1 at Wokefield Park.

Photos - Divs 1&2

24.11.16 - A nice gallery of quality photos from weekend 1 at Wokefield is now available - with thanks to Steve Hughes.

Weekend 1 Press Report

22.11.16 - A big thank you to Rhys Cumming for his detailed report about Weekend 1. Download here in PDF format.

Division 4s re-pairing

21.11.16 - Barnet Knights 4 are unable to raise a team for round 1 on Saturday so a fixture repairing has been made and a triangular match is necessary. The revised lists are published with amendments highlighted - with thanks to Dave Thomas.

Weekend 1, Divisions 1&2, 19-20 Nov, Wokefield Park

Results - Rd1 Saturday 19 Nov

Division 1 Pool A Rd1   | Division 2 Pool A Rd1
Division 1 Pool B Rd1   | Division 2 Pool B Rd1


Results - Rd2 Sunday 20 Nov

Division 1 Pool A Rd2   | Division 2 Pool A Rd2
Division 1 Pool B Rd2   | Division 2 Pool B Rd2



Division 1 Pool A

| Division 2 Pool A 

Division 1 Pool B | Division 2 Pool B



You might need to refresh your display to view updated results (press F5).


PGNs & Replay

Div 1


Round 01 PGN


Div 2


Round 01 PGN



Round 01 PGN



Round 01 PGN



Round 02 PGN



Round 02 PGN



Round 02 PGN



Round 02 PGN


Division 3n and 4s pairings

10.11.16 - Now available - Div 3n here, Div4s here. Please note that if amendments to these pairings become necessary due to the withdrawal of teams these will not be made until Friday of next week (18th Nov), following the expiry of deadline for teams to withdraw from the first weekend without penalty - with thanks to David Welch and Dave Thomas.

FIDE Ratings

10.11.16 - The FIDE rating list for November has now been upload to the server, and the published registrations list now therefore correctly reflects the ratings to be used for the first weekend.

Captains Guide 16-17

07.11.16 - An updated version of instructions for use of the online submission system for Team Captains and Managers is available - with thanks to Dave Thomas.

The pairing process for Divisions 3n and 4s


Rounds 1 and 2

Rank the existing teams by 4NCL order from the previous season. Separately rank the new teams. Pair two rounds of balanced pairings, with no new team playing another new team.


Rounds 3 and 4

Rank all the teams into 4NCL order and then do two rounds of balanced pairings in which no further account is taken of previously earned points.


Rounds 5 to 11

The pairings for subsequent rounds will be done, round by round, using the normal principles of a seeded Swiss, using match points to define score levels and game points to act as the main discriminator within a score level.

11th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress



This took place, Friday 4 - Sunday 6 Nov 2016 - Harben House


There were 3 sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 and U135 | More here |


Pairings and Results

Open | Major | Minor | Replay Games | Tiebreak Rules | Prizewinners |



The two British KO Championship Qualifiers are: IM Daniel Fernandez, 2450 and GM Nicholas Pert, 2566.


The BKO event will take place during the London Chess Classic from Thurs 8 December to Fri 16 December.



Because the first round loser prize at the British Knockout Championship amounts to 2,500, players occupying the first two places in the Open section will not be eligible for the prizes on offer at the congress itself. That means of course that any player finishing outside the first two places in the Open section will be eligible for the congress prizes. These are: 1st 500; 2nd 250; 3rd 125.

Pairings 2016-17

22.10.16 - The pairings for Divisions 1, 2, & 3s are now published. Please see the left hand menu tab 'Pairings 16-17' and top menus for further details. Please note: The links for Divisions 3n and 4s are in place but those pairings are not yet available.


Links to the respective tables are also on the left hand menu - with thanks to Dave Thomas, David Welch, Alex Holowczak and anyone else involved!

Registrations 2016-17

22.10.16 - The initial registration list for 2016-17 is now available with direct links to teams here.


Could captains or managers who have not yet submitted initial registrations please do so as a matter of urgency, and could all other captains or managers please check that the details they have submitted have been entered correctly.


Amendments to correct errors and omissions, or for other reasons, should be sent to Dave Thomas and Matt Carr, and can be made without penalty until the close of registrations for the first weekend of divisions 1 & 2 at 24:00 on Thursday 10th November, or later where specific rules permit this.


Requests to use a converted ECF grade in preference to a FIDE rating may be made at any time prior to the player first playing in the event.

New season entries

03.10.16 - The 16-17 team lists are now complete. Thank you to all captains, team managers and helpers for providing the required information & fees. Links to the player registrations will be available as soon as possible.

Main Rules 2016-17

Available here. There are several changes from last season and Captains and Managers are asked to make themselves and their team colleagues familiar with them - particular thanks to David Welch, Dave Thomas and Mike Truran.


Older items for the 2015-16 season can be found here.




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