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Team lists 2014-15 NEW

07.9.14 - As always, we're keeping a running list of the teams who have entered, paid fees and/or sent their lists of registered players for next season here.

Rapidplay 2014

07.9.14 - The entry guidelines for the 4NCL Rapidplay taking place over the weekend of 4-5 October are here. The championships will take place at Daventry Court , a Hotel Collection venue.


You can see a current list of teams taking part (updated & provisional).

Entry Guidelines 2014-15 

20.7.14 - Now posted together with fees due and important dates for the new season.

Junior 4NCL  

14.8.14 - The J4NCL entry form for the forthcoming season is available. The first weekend takes place at Daventry Court Hotel on 4th and 5th October.


Entry form:

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 PDF |

Competition Rules 2014-15 |

Fantasy Football League


26.7.14 - It's that time of year again when you can show that you are more Louis van Gaal than David Moyes. The "Premier Chess" Fantasy League is now open for 2014-15. Joining code - 394301-103384. Two rules - one team only per person; managers must register under their own name; no pseudonyms! - Neil Graham.

Hotels 2014-15

27.6.14 - Please note that links for 4NCL venues, reservations and email addresses have been updated following the rebranding from Puma to The Hotel Collection. More here.

4NCL on Chessbase (4)

22.6.14 - Chessbase have posted the final part (4) of John Saunder's end of season round-up at Hinckley Island - with thanks to André Schulz and Chessbase.

Baltic Summer Chess Camp - Mike Truran

13.6.14 - The Junior 4NCL has been given the opportunity to nominate one junior to attend the Baltic Summer Chess Camp (BSCC) in Riga without having to pay the tuition fee (which for ages 10-16 I understand is €99).



This concession does not apply to travel and accommodation, although the website, which gives more information on the Chess Camp, gives further detail on what appears to be inexpensive accommodation in the centre of Riga. I also understand that BSCC has applied to the John Robinson trust for a £500 bursary to cover the cost of a parent and child to attend.

4NCL on Chessbase (3)

3.6.14 - Chessbase have featured part (3) of John Saunder's end of season round-up at Hinckley Island - with thanks to André Schulz and Chessbase.

4NCL on Chessbase (2)


30.5.14 - Chessbase have featured part 2 of John Saunder's end of season round-up at Hinckley Island with part 3 to follow - with thanks to André Schulz and the Chessbase team.


Guildford defeat Wood Green in title decider to seal 4NCL triumph


Leonard Barden | 9 May 2014

16.5.14 - England's national league, the 4NCL, developed into its usual two-horse race last weekend when Wood Green and Guildford both won all 10 matches before squaring off in Monday's final round. Read more ...

4NCL on Chessbase (1)


12.5.14 - The Chessbase (English) site have featured part 1 of John Saunder's end of season round-up at Hinckley Island - with thanks to André Schulz and all the Chessbase team.



10.5.14 - Title norms achieved during the 4NCL’s 2013/2014 season are listed below. These are subject to confirmation by FIDE.

412384 Peter Roberson - Final IM norm
631256 Guillaume Camus de Solliers - IM norm
406252 James Adair - Final IM norm
3206882 Justin Tan - IM norm
2218534 Alberto Suarez Real - IM norm
410110 Adam Ashton - IM norm
4301498 Sue Maroroa - IM norm

The Ups and Downs of 2013-14

10.5.14 - After an exciting year congratulations should go to the following winners:

Div 1: Championship Pool: Guildford 1;

Div 1: Demotion Pool: Wood Green HK 2.

Div 2: Promotion Pool: The ADs.

Div 2: Demotion Pool: White Rose 2.

Div 3: Winners: Guildford 3.


The following teams were promoted/relegated:

Div 1: Relegated: Oxford 1; 3Cs 1; Kings Head 1; Grantham Sharks 2.

Div 2: Promoted: The ADs; Hackney; Warwickshire Select 1; South Wales Dragons.

Div 2: Relegated: Brown Jack; Wessex; Bradford DCA Knights A; Poisoned Pawns.

Div 3: Promoted: Guildford 3; Spirit of Atticus A; MK Phoenix 1; Sussex Smart Survivors 1.

Weekend 5 report

9.5.14 - A splendid pictorial report with selected annotated games from the fifth and final 4NCL weekend of the season is now online - with thanks to John Saunders.

Div 3 Team Report

7.5.14 - Many thanks again to John Carleton (Spirit of Atticus) for a very detailed and pictorial  team report about the final Div 3 weekend at Daventry Court Hotel, Northamptonshire.

Older items for this season can be found here. For 2012/13 click here.



Whilst we are happy to display entry forms for forthcoming congresses at the 4NCL weekends, please send any such information to Dave Welch. You can find Dave's address here.




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