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Sad News - Jane Kremer

20.2.20 - I am sad to tell you that my partner Jane Kremer, whom many of you will remember assisting with the admin at the 4NCL for many years, died in the early morning of Wednesday 5th February.


Her funeral will take place at Rowley Regis Crematorium, B65 0AD at 3.15pm on Monday 2nd March. No flowers, bright clothes  - Dave Thomas 4NCL Chief Arbiter.

2nd 4NCL Easter Congress 



Thursday 9 - Monday 13 April 2020, Holiday Inn Kenilworth-Warwick, Kenilworth.


Four sections; FIDE Open, FIDE U2050, FIDE U1825 and ECF U120 | More here




Women's League - 2nd Weekend



Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 April 2020, Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport, Birmingham.


Captains can enter a team or individuals can enter to be part of a team | More here




3rd 4NCL Spring Bank Holiday Congress



Friday 22 - Monday 25 May 2020, Basingstoke Country Hotel, Basingstoke.


Four sections: FIDE Open, FIDE U2050, FIDE U1825 and ECF U120 | More here




25th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress



Friday 10 - Sunday 12 July 2020, Wychwood Park Hotel & Golf Club, Crewe.


Three sections: FIDE Open, FIDE U2000 and ECF U135 | More here




Guildford extend unbeaten run to 83 matches over nearly 8 years - Leonard Barden

14.2.20 - The Surrey club’s two wins in the 4NCL mean they are unbeaten since 5 May 2012 while a victory for Michael Adams, 48, makes him the world’s second oldest 2700-rated player



Guildford’s stranglehold on Britain’s Four Nations Chess League (4NCL) is set to continue for an eighth consecutive season as the Surrey club steamrollered two more opponents at Daventry last weekend, while their sponsored rivals from Yorkshire and the Isle of of Man lost ground on the leaders.


Guildford last lost a match, 3½-4½ to White Rose, on 5 May 2012, since when the team’s unbeaten run stretches to 81 wins and two draws.


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Junior 4NCL Weekend 3/3

The final 19-20 weekend took place Sat 15 & Sun 16 February at Mercure Daventry Court Hotel and Spa.


Click for links to the pairings, results and tables. This was the 3rd & final weekend of the J4NCL season.


Entry guidelines 19-20 | Competition Rules 19-20 | Teams 19-20

Weekend 3 - Divs 1 & 2 [Daventry], Divs 3s & 4s [Maidenhead/Windsor], Div 3n [Bolton]


Results, Sat 8 February, 14.00


Division 1 Pool A

Division 2 Pool A

Division 3N

Division 3A

Division 4S

Division 1 Pool B

Division 2 Pool B


Division 3B


Results Sun 9 February, 11.00


Division 1 Pool A

Division 2 Pool A

Division 3N

Division 3A

Division 4S

Division 1 Pool B

Division 2 Pool B


Division 3B





All Tables

PGNs & Replays


Note: The rate of play for all divisions was 40 moves in 1 hour 40 minutes plus 30 seconds per move, followed by the rest of the game in 50 minutes plus 30 seconds per move | See Rules Governing Play


The 4NCL Anti-Cheating Policy applied to this event.

Main 4NCL 2019-20

a) 2019-20 Rules | view or download the new rules & tracked version


Main Changes (from 2018-19)


Rule 1.3:   Date of birth for eligibility as a junior updated.
Rule 3.1:  

There are now financial penalties for late submission of team registration lists (submission deadline 11 October).

Rule 9.4:  

Changes to team lists can still be made without penalty until midnight of the day before the fixture, but they should be made online or by email (in other words, do not rely on arbiters staying up late).

Rules 11.9 & 11.10:  

Amended to discourage the practice of teams in Swiss divisions attending for only part of a weekend.

Rule 12.1:  

Starting time on the middle day of a three-day weekend will be 12 noon and not 13.00.

Rule 13.3:  

Corrects last season’s rules’ rather odd failure to mention explicitly that four teams will be relegated from Division 3 South.


b) Runners & Riders: The final list is here. Thank you to all concerned for the information.

c) Entry Guidelines: These are published with fees due and important dates.

d) Venues and dates: These are now arranged and agreed for the forthcoming season.

Weekend 1 Guidelines

25.9.19 - The guidelines are intended to advise team captains on the interpretation of Rule 8 which will be applied to the first weekend of the 2019-20 season. Please read more here - Dave Thomas, Chief Arbiter.

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