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4NCL FIDE Rated Tournaments

Full details of the 4NCL International Congress in October/November (Park Inn Telford) and the 21st 4NCL FIDE rated congress January 2019 (The Old Swan, Harrogate) are here. Or click the tab to the right or top menu links for more information and to enter online.

4NCL Rapidplay & Blitz

09.10.18 - We  are sorry to announce (and apologise for any inconvenience) that the 4NCL Rapidplay & Blitz 2018 has been cancelled. There have not been sufficient entries to make it financially viable.

Runners & Riders

07.10.18 - The list of teams entered is complete. Thank you to captains, team managers and helpers for providing the required information & fees. Player registration lists will follow in a few weeks.

4NCL International Congress

19.9.18 - We are pleased to announce that two qualifying places for the 2018 British Knockout Championship, to be staged at the London Chess Classic from 8th 17th December inclusive, will be made available to the players finishing first and second in the Open section at the 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress at Park Inn Telford, Wed 31 October - Sun 4 November.



Information about eligibility requirements for the British Knockout Championship, tie-break rules, 4NCL prize fund policy and byes policy can be found on the Terms and Conditions page under the 4NCL International Congress drop-down menu at the top of this page.



The 4NCL International Congress will also offer a qualifying place for the 2019 British Chess Championships in Torquay for players who do not already qualify under the provisions of the British Chess Championships Qualifying Regulations. Players will only qualify if they score a minimum of 60% of the number of rounds in the tournament.


If there is a tie for the highest-scoring eligible player, all tied players will qualify. Should a player/players who qualifies/qualify via the 4NCL International Congress subsequently qualify from National Championships or from the English Chess Unions (Sections C and D in the British Chess Championships Qualifying Regulations), then that will take precedence, and the qualification place via the 4NCL International Congress will be reallocated to the next eligible player(s).


You can enter the 4NCL International Congress here.

Main Rules

22.7.18 - Available here together with a copy of the tracked changes. There are several amends from last season and Captains and Managers are asked to make themselves and their team colleagues familiar with them as soon as possible - particular thanks to Dave Thomas, the Arbiter team and Mike Truran.

Junior 4NCL, Weekend 1

30.9.18 - The first 2018-19 weekend took place Sat 29 & Sun 30 Sept at the Mercure Daventry Court. You can find all the pairings and links to the results and final tables here | 5-Round Schedule | Report YBK


Also available:

Information & entry | Competition rules | Tie-break regulations | Online entry | List of teams | Dates 18-19

20th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress

Results: Open | Major | Minor | Games | Prizewinners | Entries | Photos - with thanks to Brendan O'Gorman.

Entry Guidelines

12.7.18 - With fees due and important dates for the new season.

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