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Participants wishing this information not to be included on the website should contact the webmaster to have it removed, but should be aware that in this event they will not be permitted to play in the league.





03.05.2011 - A few photos of variable quality from the final weekend are now here. Further contributions welcome any time, to .

Urgent message

02.05.2011 - Any player who has lost a laptop during round 11 should make contact with David Welch.

Norms at the 4NCL (2) - Neville Belinfante

02.05.2011 - Congratulations to Jonathan Hawkins on achieving a GM Norm; and to Chris Dorrington, Peter Sowray and Yang-Fan Zhou on achieving IM Norms.

Division 3, rd11 pairings

01.05.2011 - These are now online. Play starts in all divisions on at 11:00 on Monday.

Rd9 PGNs

01.05.2011 - These are now available for Div 1 and Div 2, Championship and Demotion Pools. Many thanks to the inputters ... again.

Division 3, rd10 pairings

01.05.2011 - These are now online. Play starts in all divisions on Sunday at 13:00 and at 11:00 on Monday.

Live games final weekend

29.04.2011 - We intend to broadcast two matches each day this weekend starting at 14:00 on Saturday, 13:00 on Sunday and 11.00 on Monday.


Sat : White Rose vs. P&P & WGHK 1 vs. Barbican 1.

Sun: Jutes of Kent vs. Bristol 1 & Anglian Avengers 1 vs. Poisoned Pawns 1.

Mon: WGHK vs. P&P & 2 v Spirit of Atticus.

Div 3 re-pairing - Dave Thomas

29.04.2011 - Following the withdrawal of Jorvik from the final weekend the pairings have been revised on the basis of minimum disturbance to those published. The changes are:


3C's 2 (5) v 3 (8)

KJCA Knights (5) v Banbury Bulldogs (4)


Click to see these changes within the new rd9 pairings.

Norms at the 4NCL - Neville Belinfante

28.04.2011 - Following the appeal for norm-seekers to contact me, the players listed below have responded and can achieve norms this weekend.


GM Norm: Jonathan Hawkins (Cheddleton), Yang-Fan Zhou (, Andrew Ledger ( and John Cox (Barbican).


IM Norm: Yang-Fan Zhou (, Laurence Webb (, David Ledger (, David Zakarian (Oxford), Chris Dorrington (Barbican), Darren Wheeler (the ADs), Ian Snape (the ADs), Sam Williams (Sambuca Sharks) and Peter Sowray (Wood Green, Hilsmark Kingfisher).


WIM Norm: Kanwal Bhatia (Barbican) and Sophie Tidman (Oxford).

For consideration

26.04.2011 - Michael Yeo provides a short document related to agenda items 5 & 6 for consideration (PDF 80kb).

Final Weekend, Captains' meeting (2) - Mike Truran

26.04.2011 - We will hold a captains' meeting at 10.00 a.m. on the Sunday (let it never be said that we don't respond to popular demand) - agenda below:


1. Div 1/Div 2 format (ecforum item - does anyone want to lead on this?).

2. Time limits (ecforum item - does anyone want to lead on this?).

3. Default penalties and fines (John Upham).

4. Board order rules/junior ratings (David Buckley/Jonathan Rogers).

5. Proposal to change rule 7.2 (Michael Yeo).

6. Proposal to change rule 11.3 (Michael Yeo).

7. Proposal to change rule 10.1 (Windsor Peck).

8. Other rule change suggestions.


Claire will be in the chair.


If firm proposals for change emerge from the meeting, we will carry out a poll in the close season to give all captains (rather than those who attend the captains' meeting) the chance to comment.

Division 3, fixtures updated - Dave Thomas

22.04.2011 - Division three rd9 pairings have been revised to accommodate withdrawals known up to midnight Thursday 21 April. There will be no further revisions until at least Monday evening.

Updated registrations

22.04.2011 - The most recent registrations have been added to the lists today. Please contact Neville Belinfante if there are any errors etc.

Final Weekend, Captains' meeting - Mike Truran

15.04.2011 - We are planning to have a captains' meeting at 9.30am on the Monday of the final weekend. In advance of that, I should be grateful for any agenda items you would like raised please. Given that there are likely to be a number of such items, it may be that we will have no time for AOB, so if you want to raise something it would be probably be sensible to get it on the agenda.


Potential items for discussion that spring to mind (culled in the main from ecforum) include:


1. Div 1/Div 2 format.

2. Div 3/Northern League format.

3. Time limits.

4. Default penalties and fines.

5. Board order rules/junior ratings.

6. Other rule change suggestions.


However, I won't add any of the above to the agenda unless/until a captain is willing to "sponsor" it by leading the discussion.


Apologies for the earlier than usual start, but with the final round starting at 11.00am and with possibly a lot to get through I thought it sensible to err on the side of prudence.

Players or team wanted?

15.04.2011 - Just in a case you haven't recently looked, see a list of players seeking teams, and vice versa here. Also, it would be helpful to everyone if you could contact us if and when your ad needs removing.

J4NCL report

13.04.2011 - Many thanks to Claire Summerscale for this pictorial report about the third and final weekend of the Junior 4NCL season.

Fischer's idea in the Modern Benoni

09.04.2011 - FIDE Master Graham Morrison (Barbican 2) has recently posted an article on about his game in Round 7 in the 4NCL. Also for those of you that might have missed it, download a Chessbase file which shows how Graham achieved an IM norm last season.

Division 3, Round 9 fixtures - Dave Thomas

09.04.2011 - Channel Isolani have announced that they are unable to field a team for the final weekend; a triangular match has accordingly been arranged. The three teams involved in this will, as usual, play the second half of the triangular in round 10; pairings for the remaining teams for round ten will be published at the venue following completion of round nine. Pairings for round 11 will be published after completion of round 10; these will, if still necessary, include a further triangular match of which only one day will, of course, be played. [Round 9 fixtures are here.]

Crosstables updated

09.04.2011 - Division 1 & 2 Championship and Demotion pool crosstables have been updated - with thanks to Dave Thomas.

Division 3 pgns

06.04.2011 - Rounds 7 and 8, Division 3s are now online - with thanks to the game inputters.

Final weekend fixtures

03.04.2011 - Rounds 9-11 fixtures/pairings for Division 1 and Division 2 Championship and Demotion Pools are now available - with thanks to Neville Belinfante.

4NCL Endphase hat begonnen


31.03.2011 - The Chessbase German site has featured the most recent report and included many photos from the 4NCL gallery.

More photos

29.03.2011 - Another batch of photos from round 8 in Divisions 1 & 2 at Staverton are now online.

2nd Big Slick International - Lawrence Cooper

29.03.2011 - The 2nd Big Slick International will take place from 25th June - 3rd July. Download more information including entry fees and details here

Weekend 4 report

29.03.2011 - A report from the fourth weekend of the season is available here - with thanks to Lawrence Cooper.

Northern 4NCL fourth weekend

28.03.2011 - John Carleton (Spirit of Atticus) has sent another fine report this time about his teams exploits at Wychwood Park last weekend.

4NCL Norms

28.03.2011 - If anyone believes they may qualify for a GM, IM, WGM or WIM norm, can they please contact Neville Belinfante and he can work out what you require in the final weekend.


28.03.2011 - A large number of photos from Division 3 Daventry are here - with thanks to Sean Terry.

Updates tonight

27.03.2011 - Various page updates have been posted this evening e.g. Div 1, 2 and NL tables. Div 1 & 2 round 7 results and Division 3 & NL round 7 & 8 results including Div 1 round 7 PGN games. Apologies for the disruption and thank you for your patience during a difficult day.

Round 7 pgns

27.03.2011 - The first two PGNs from this weekend in Div 1 are now available - with thanks to Katie Smith.

Power cut fun at Staverton Park


27.03.2011 - A power cut occurred during round 8 of the 4NCL chess league at Staverton Park today. The surrounding area of some 200 homes was also affected. Play was halted to allow everyone time to consider suitable options.


After 30 minutes an announcement that a delay of 3 hours could be possible sparked everyone into action. After a further few minutes and a short but well-natured debate, players took the initiative and moved the tables closer to the windows to provide more light on the boards.



Live Games Sunday 27th

27.03.2011 - The Live games for Round 8 on Sunday will be;

Div 1:  vs. White Rose 1 | Div 1: Barbican 4NCL 1 v 1 | Cameras from Division 1, Round 8.

Photos round 7

26.03.2011 - Some early photos from Rd7 in Divisions 1 & 2 are here. More to follow over the weekend with hopefully some from Div 3 at Barcelo Daventry!

Live Games Weekend 4

24.03.2011 - The Live games for Round 7 on Saturday will be;

Div 1 Pool A: Cheddleton 1 vs. Barbican 4NCL 1 | Div 1 Pool B: Guildford-ADC 1 vs. Oxford 1



A decision about the Round 8 Sunday games will be made on Saturday evening when the teams go into their new groups - David Clayton.

Clocks go forward


23.03.2011 - Dont forget to set your clocks forward by one hour on Sunday 27th March, officially the start of British Summer Time. You will be losing an hour but round 8 on Sunday will start as usual at 11.00am.


BST operates from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October and the UK moves its clocks forward from Greenwich Mean Time by one hour to GMT+1.


Div3n jamboree pairings

22.03.2011 - These are now available here for round 8. The board pairings are the same as the match pairings from rounds 1-6.

Final weekend: Bedroom availability (2) - Mike Truran

19.03.2011 - I should have mentioned in my previous message - if captains are holding block bookings that they are unlikely to need, could they if possible release them sooner or later so that those currently without rooms get a chance please. Human nature being what it is I guess it's unlikely to happen, but all I can do is ask.


For future seasons we could always revert to having split venues for all weekends if that's the general wish. The divisions were only brought together in the way they were because that's what we thought the Division 3 teams in particular wanted.

Time control reminder

19.03.2011 - The rate of play is 40 moves in two hours, then 20 moves in one hour and an extra 30 minutes for each player to complete the game. It is a seven-hour session. See additional match arrangements details here.

More registrations

18.03.2011 - Some additional registrations have been added today and the lists now include the March FIDE rating changes. Contact Neville Belinfante if there are any errors or omissions.

Final weekend: Bedroom availability - Mike Truran

18.03.2011 - As some of you will be aware, Barcelo Hinckley Island is now full for the Saturday night of the final weekend. Barcelo Daventry have therefore agreed to offer rooms at the usual 4NCL rates for anyone who wishes to stay there. Although not an ideal arrangement given that Daventry is some 20 miles away, some people, especially those with cars, may wish to avail themselves of this. Contact details are on the Hotels page.

Updated registrations

15.03.2011 - Some new registrations have been added to the lists today. Please contact Neville Belinfante if there are any errors etc.

Pool pairings

13.03.2011 - Click here for information on how the Rd 8-11 pool pairings for Divisions 1 and 2 will be determined - with thanks to Neville Belinfante.

Division 3 Pairings

05.03.2011 - Pairings for rounds 7 & 8 in Division 3s are now available - with thanks to Dave Thomas.

Round 6 pgns

01.03.2011 - The following are now available - Div1a rd6, Div1b rd6. Div 2 and Div 3 are imminent - with thanks to the game inputters.

More photos

26.02.2011 - Several photos from Division 3 at Sunningdale have been sent in recently - with thanks to Sean Terry (Oxford).

4NCL Top Teams Victorious


24.02.2011 - A short report about weekend 3 is now online at the Chessbase German site. We are bereft of photos this time round but there is still time to your contributions! 

J4NCL report

23.02.2011 - Many thanks to Claire Summerscale for this report on the second weekend of the Junior 4NCL season.

Northern 4NCL third weekend

22.11.2011 - John Carleton's report about his teams endeavours during rounds 5&6 at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate is here.


22.02.2011 - There are some images from the Division 3 (nl) matches  from Harrogate here - with thanks to David Pardoe (Manchester Manticores).

Weekend 3 report

21.02.2011 - A report from the third weekend of the season is available here - with thanks to Lawrence Cooper.

Round 5 pgns

21.02.2011 - The following are now available - Div1a rd5, Div1b rd5, Div2a rd5, Div2b rd5, Div3s r5, Div3n rd5&6 - with thanks to the game inputters.

Live Games Weekend 3

18.02.2011 - We intend to broadcast at least four matches this weekend starting at 14:00 on Saturday and 11:00 on Sunday.

Reminder: Possible traffic delays

18.02.2011 - On Saturday 19th Feb there is a race meeting at Ascot which might cause delays for anybody approaching Sunningdale via Bracknell and Ascot. It is advisable to allow extra time or avoid that route if at all possible - Rod Langham.

Updated registrations

11.02.2011 - Some new registrations have been added to the lists today. Please contact Neville Belinfante if there are any errors etc.

New registrations - February 2011 - from Neville Belinfante
09.02.2011 - The new lists will be used on the 19th & 20th February. Players can still be registered up to this Thursday midnight (10th), and these will be also be shown. Please contact Neville Belinfante if there are any errors, or players who should be registered are not shown.

Rapidplays 2011 - from Mike Truran

31.01.2011 - I've booked the next 4NCL Team and Individual Rapidplay Championships as follows:

  1. Date: 15-16 October 2011
  2. Venue: De Vere Venues Harben House, Buckinghamshire 
  3. Contact: Mike Truran 01993 708645

See details of the 2010 Team event, Individual event and Report.

Division 3 PGN's

27.01.2011 - Rounds 3 & 4, Division 3 are now available here - with thanks to the game inputters.

Division 2 PGN's

25.01.2011 - Rounds 3 & 4, Division 2 are now available here. Moves from  2b Round 3 and all Division 3 still to be added. Apologies for the delay.

Possible traffic delays - from Rod Langham (Oxford).

25.01.2011 - On Saturday 19th Feb there is a race meeting at Ascot which might cause delays for anybody approaching Sunningdale via Bracknell and Ascot since that road goes past the main entrance to the racecourse. It is advisable to allow extra time or avoid that route if at all possible. De Vere Sunningdale is the venue for Div 3 rounds 5 & 6.

Division 3 Pairings

22.01.2011 - Pairings for rounds 5 & 6 in Division 3s are now available - with thanks to Dave Thomas.

Awards presentation  

20.01.2011 - Some photos from the recent awards presentation at Hinckley have been sent in, one of which includes a walk on part by a well known GM! - with thanks to Peter Bayliss (KJCA Kings).

PGN Games

19.01.2011 - Rounds 3 & 4, Division 1 are now available here. Many thanks as usual to the hard working game inputters.

4NCL mit Adams und Howell


19.01.2011 - Lawrence Cooper's second weekend report has been featured on the new Chessbase German site and includes several pictures from the 4NCL gallery.

Northern 4NCL second weekend

19.01.2011 - Thanks to John Carleton (Spirit of Atticus) for this report about his teams' outing during the 2nd Northern League weekend in Crewe.

Weekend 2 report

18.01.2011 - An illustrated report from the second weekend of the season is available here - with thanks to Lawrence Cooper.

Photos Rds 3 & 4

18.01.2011 - Click to see some new additions to the online gallery from last weekend. Click 'sort by upload date' to see the latest ones. As always the contributions are really appreciated. Many thanks to Claire Summerscale, Chris Briscoe and Lara Barnes.

Northern League Hotel Bookings - Mike Truran

17.01.2011 - I understand that the Harrogate Majestic room allocation will be released tomorrow, so if you need rooms now would be a good time to reserve them. Just a reminder that:

  1. Your credit card is NOT debited at the time you make a reservation. This happens at the weekend itself.
  2. You can change your reservation up to two weeks before the weekend itself without penalty.

So there is no downside in securing your bedroom bookings now before the allocation is released. If you leave it until after tomorrow though there is a good chance there won't be rooms available given the Majestic's popularity and the general shortage of rooms.

Round 4 results - 16th Jan

16.01.2011 - These are now online for Div1a, b, Div2a, b, Div3s and Div3n. Tables will be online too as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay or any inconvenience caused.


16.01.2011 - There are a few photos here from Saturday. More to follow. Please send any you would like included on the website or for the report to

Round 3 results - 15th Jan

15.01.2011 - These are now online for Div1a, b, Div2a, b, Div3s and Div3n. Round 4 games start Sunday 11:00am.

LIVE games Rd3

15.01.2011 - vs. Pride & Prejudice (Pool A) Division 1, 14:00 start. Players include Mickey Adams, David Howell, Mark Hebden, Gawain Jones etc.

Photos from rounds 3&4 

14.01.2011 - Photo contributions from this weekend would again be gratefully received. Especially useful would be any taken at the Northern League matches in Crewe. Please forward (or send a link) to the , many thanks. Click to see the current 2010/11 collection.

CHESS Magazine - File update

12.01.2011 - An updated 29 page PDF of the London Chess Classic report is available for download. It now features clickable adverts (pages 15 & 29) so you can subscribe directly to CHESS, buy the January issue, visit the webshop, buy back issues or buy Classic 2010 souvenirs.


Download the 13 annotated games from the magazine (cbv format)

Click here to replay them in CB's viewer

Northern League Bookings - Mike Truran

11.01.2011 - Our Barcelo account manager has asked me to mention that the Harrogate Majestic room allocation is released at the start of next week. As you probably know, the fire last year means that not all of their bedrooms are back in service yet (they only have 88 in total apparently), so once our 25 rooms are released back for public purchase there is likely to be high demand for them. I strongly recommend that if you are planning to stay at the Majestic you should, if at all possible, book this week.

Updated registrations

07.01.2011 - Some new registrations have been added to the lists and a number of rating corrections made today. Please contact Neville Belinfante if there are any errors, or players who should be registered are not shown.

CHESS Magazine - January 2011 (updated)


06.01.2011 - Download CHESS Magazine's coverage of the London Chess Classic 2010, a full tournament report featuring round-by-round coverage of all the best games and featuring exclusive annotations from world champion Vishy Anand and England's Luke McShane.


The 2nd London Chess Classic saw another victory for Magnus Carlsen who ends the year atop the rating pile again after a rather uneven 2010. The tournament attracted many more spectators, the auditorium was regularly full and the commentary room packed to overflowing.


The event received a huge number of plaudits for the online coverage which set new standards with live audio, video, telestrated boards and post game analysis from the players themselves. The online commentary was enjoyed by an astonishing 160,000+ users.



Click to purchase the full magazine for 3.95 or take out a new subscription to CHESS Magazine at the special rate of 25 (for readers in the UK) for 12 issues (RRP 44.95).




New registrations - January 2011 from Neville Belinfante

05.01.2011 - The new lists show the ratings from the January FIDE Rating List which will be used on the 15th & 16th January. Players can still be registered up to this Thursday midnight (6th), and these will be also be shown. Please contact if there are any errors, or players who should be registered are not shown.

J4NCL Important Information from Claire Summerscale

27.12.2010 - As many of you will know, there were a number of organisational problems with the 13-14 November J4NCL weekend at Barcelo Oxford. We have subsequently had a number of conversations with Barcelo Oxford and have jointly concluded that for a number of reasons (including the size of the hotel, the difficulty the hotel had in coping with the playing and non-playing numbers involved, the financial loss that the hotel made on the event, including refunds to disgruntled non-chess playing guests, and, I am afraid to say, the behaviour of a number of parents during the weekend) it would not be appropriate to continue with it as a venue for the J4NCL. Any rooms booked at Barcelo Oxford for forthcoming weekends have been cancelled at no charge ... continued

New booking arrangements from Mike Truran

02.12.2010 - As many of you will know, the issue of block-booking (block-overbooking) followed by late bedroom cancellations has been an issue for a number of seasons, and has also been commented on from time to time by our various venues ... [Read more]

J4NCL report

23.11.2010 - Many thanks to Claire Summerscale for this report on the first weekend of the Junior 4NCL season.

Division 3 Pairings

20.11.2010 - Pairings for rounds 3 & 4 in Division 3 are now available.

Rydal Penrhos at the J4NCL

17.11.2010 - Andrew Camp has kindly sent a pictorial report about his team's first weekend in this year's Junior 4NCL competition.

Good news gets around


16.11.2010 - Lawrence Cooper's weekend 1 report has been translated by Chessbase for their new German site and published here including several pictures. Well worth a look.


J4NCL first weekend

16.11.2010 - Many thanks to Claire Summerscale for managing to take some fine photos during a very busy weekend in Oxford.

Northern 4NCL first weekend

10.11.2010 - John Carleton (Spirit of Atticus) has published a nice report about his teams exploits at Redworth Hall in Darlington last weekend.

Weekend 1 report

10.11.2010 - Many thanks to Lawrence Cooper for this report on the first weekend of the season.

More photos

09.11.2010 - Some new photos from last weekend have been provided today - with thanks to Pat Bennett (Holmes Chapel) and Sivakumar (Metro).

Division 3 rounds 1 & 2

09.11.2010 - Revised versions of the results for rounds 1 & 2 for Division 3 have been posted. They now include penalties for defaults and the results of the Triangular match.


08.11.2010 - There are some photos from Divisions 1&2 at Daventry here - with thanks to Chris Briscoe. A few Northern League photos are also here.

Round 1&2 pairings/results

07.11.2010 - These are now posted for Divisions 1&2 pools a&b, Division 3 and Northern league. With thanks to Neville Belinfante and Dave Thomas.

Weekend 1: Photos request

05.11.2010 - If anyone has a sudden urge to take some nice digi photos on Saturday or Sunday then please go ahead! Original sized jpg or png's would be ideal. Please forward (or send a link) to the , thank you. All contributions will be acknowledged - Steve Connor.

PGN Games

05.11.2010 - If you play a 4NCL game this weekend and put it into Fritz, we would appreciate it if you send us the PGN to Please include full name(s) with ratings (using the recently updated FIDE database if necessary) so we can match them up with the players!

This might help us speed up the process, and hopefully find any errors. This is particularly relevant to the Northern League which Jack won't receive games from until next week - Alex Holowczak.

Weekend 1: Division 3 pairing adjustment

02.11.2010 - Celtic Tigers 2 are unable to raise a team for the 1st weekend's Division 3 matches. As a result there will be a three way jamboree between KJCA Kings, Metropolitan & Iceni. This will be match 17 on both Saturday and Sunday, in place of the previously announced pairings for these three teams and Celtic Tigers 2 - Dave Thomas.

New registrations

29.10.2010 - The player lists have been updated to show the most recent registrations - with thanks to Neville Belinfante.

Junior 4NCL accommodation - from Claire Summerscale.


Holiday Inn, Oxford


26.10.2010 - In regard to Junior 4 Nations Chess League accommodation on the 13th November 2010, the Barcelo Hotel Oxford is now full, but should you wish to, you are able to book rooms in the Holiday Inn, which is less than 1 minute away from the Barcelo.


Children under 12 stay and eat free at the Holiday Inn. Under the favourable terms that I have negotiated for you, a single room including breakfast is 70 and a double is 80. The hotel will put a free sofa bed in each room for a child under 12.


You can contact the hotel directly on: 01865 888400 for Zoe Court or 01865 888301 for Samiie Weeks. Could you please quote the chess group booking code C3U when reserving your accommodation. Note: The Barcelo Oxford and Holiday Inn are no longer venues for the J4NCL during the 2010/11 season (27 Dec 2010).

Weekend 1, Barcelo Daventry travel news - thanks to Brian Smith.

26.10.2010 - Buses D1 or D2 leave from Northampton Rail Stn. approx every 30 mins for the 14-mile journey stopping outside Daventry Barcelo. The journey to the hotel should take 30-40 mins. Travellers arriving at Rugby or the nearer Long Buckby Stns. are advised to get taxis.

Team registrations updated

26.10.2010 - The registration lists have all been updated.

September 2010 FIDE ratings

26.10.2010 - After further discussions, it has been agreed that the September 2010 FIDE rating list will be used for board order purposes at the November weekend. The November 2010 FIDE rating list will be used for rating and norm calculations on the basis that this is when the new season starts. - Mike Truran.

Team registrations

23.10.2010 - The starting registrations are now online using the ratings from the September 2010 list. Contact Neville Belinfante if you have any queries.

Division 3 fixtures

22.10.2010 - Rounds 1-2 are now available for Division 3.

Northern League fixtures

21.10.2010 - Rounds 1-7 are now available for the Northern League.

Division 1 & 2 fixtures

20.10.2010 - Rounds 1-7 are now available for Division 1 Sections A&B and Division 2 Sections A&B. Division 3 and Northern League will be posted over the next few days.

Welcome to the new 4NCL website.

20.10.2010 - After a decade of honourable service as the 4NCL's webmaster Peter Sowray has decided to hang up his spurs. I'm sure I speak for all of those involved in organising the 4NCL when I say that I'm hugely grateful for Peter's work over the years on the 4NCL's behalf and the continuing excellence of the 4NCL website. He will be a hard act to follow! - Mike Truran.


The new should be used for feedback, queries and information for the website.

2010/11 Season

19.10.2010 - We're going to keep a running list of the teams who have entered for next season here. You'll also see information on which teams have registered players to date.

Rapidplay Report 2010.

19.10.2010 - The 4NCL rapidplay report is is now available here. With thanks to Lawrence Cooper.

Fixtures 2010/11.

18.10.2010 - We are about to announce the new fixtures for 2010/11. Click to see details for Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and Northern League in the near future.

4NCL Rapidplay Championships 9th & 10th October 2010.


Winner: Tom Rendle

12.10.2010 - The 4NCL held its individual and team rapidplay championships at Harben House for which entries were invited from all interested players. For those of you with long memories, the format was not dissimilar to the now defunct British lightning championships (held between 1953 and 1992), with the individual championship being held on the Sunday.

Individual winner: IM Tom Rendle with 8/9 (crosstable, pairings and results).
Team winners: Barbican 1 with 26 points (final positions and team progress table).

There was a prize fund of 2,000, allocated as follows:



First prize



Second prize



Third prize



Best performance by team with average ECF/individual with ECF less than or equal to 175



Best performance by junior team/junior individual (under 18 on 1 September 2010)




Teams and Players Wanted

04.10.2010 - A list of players looking for teams, and vice versa here ...

Live coverage

13.09.2010 - We're pleased to report that, thanks to Dave Clayton, there will be live games transmission from the Rapidplay on 9/10th October.

League Rules

02.09.2010 - We've made a couple of changes to the rules, specifically 10.4 and 11.4, here.



Earlier updates for 2010/11 can be found on the Homepage.





- 4NCL