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11.09.2011 - I am looking to play some 4NCL chess in England. I am an IM and my name is Vojtech Plat, Elo 2419 (Czech Republic). I am 17 years old. Please contact .


03.09.2011 - Two Spanish young players, both 16 years old, Marc Sanchez Ibern FIDE rated 2337 and Paolo Ladron de Guevara 2292 are looking for a team this season. Please contact .


01.09.2011 - WIM Karina Ambartsumova from Russia, elo 2302 is looking for a team to play for in Div 1 or 2. Please contact her by email at .


01.09.2011 - I would like to play for a team in the 4NCL. My ECF grade is 122. I am very eager and would like to play for a team in Division 3, on any board available. Please contact Stephen Philp on 07807 923015.


30.08.2011 - GM Andrey Deviatkin (Russia) would be pleased to play for a team in the 4NCL if the conditions are suitable. FIDE rating 2580; the sole winner of 2011 Doeberl Cup in Canberra, Australia. Original positional playing style and good endgame technique. Feel free to contact me: .


28.08.2011 - is available to play for any team if the price is right! She is a European Team Championship Gold Medal Winner, on 1st board, holds a single GM norm and plays for England. She has taken a break from chess, to have children, but is now eager to come back, Fischer-style :-)


28.08.2011 - I am a serious player looking for a team for the 2011/12 season. ECF grade: 181; ELO: 2030. Please reply to .


25.08.2011 - I am a visually impaired chess player who is looking for a team in Division 3 to play for. I have played in the 4NCL for 6 years and have a FIDE rating of 1927. I have played in 2 Braille World Championships, 2 European Championships, 2 British Braille Championships, 1 Braille Olympiad and 1 Braille World Cup. I am perfectly happy to play anywhere in the team where I am asked to play. I would need help with accommodation and travel costs. I am Secretary General of the IBCA - the World Body for chess for the blind.


Contact Stephen Hilton (01475) 731944. Email: or


22.08.2011 - Zivile Sarakauskiene, four times and current Women's Champion of Lithuania is looking for a team in the 4NCL. Location of residence, Ipswich. Please feel free to contact if interested.


18.08.2011 - Ipswich based Lithuanian IM Gediminas Sarakauskas is looking for a team in 4NCL. Current Elo rating 2402. Feel free to contact  or phone (07574) 936882.


10.07.2011 - Lee Bullock, rated about 1600 would like to play for any team in the 4NCL. Lee has been inactive for a number of years but wants to play chess again. If you can offer him a place, phone (07852) 318674.


05.07.2011 - Hungarian IM Istvan Sipos, rated 2423 is looking for a team to join in the 4NCL. I won the American National College Final Four Chess Championship in the United States as a team member in 2011. Please feel free to contact me:


27.06.2011 - I am interested to participate in the 4NCL for the year 2011/2012. I have an ECF grading of 172 (July 2009). I am ready to play for a team in any Division. Please contact  if anyone has place. Thank you, Uday Kanike.



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