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08.05.2011 - I am Grand Master Abhijeet Gupta from India. I won the World Junior Championship in 2008 and recently won the 2011 Dubai Open tournament. I won the Silver Medal in Commonwealth Chess Championship in 2010 & Bronze Medal in Asian Chess Championship in 2010. My rating at 1st May 2011 is 2604, and my live rating is 2621. I wish to play in the 4NCL for a Division 1 team. Please contact me at any time - .


16.04.2011 - Sussex Smart Controls (Div 3) are looking for players to play in Rd9 on the Saturday, 30th April. Due to the UKCC megafinal in Sussex on that day many of our team are involved in this. Please contact  if you are interested. Thank you.


15.04.2011 - Life in the Fast Lane are looking for players for division 1 and Division 2 for the final weekend. Any players who have not played this season for another team might be able to transfer. Sambuca Sharks will pay any transfer fee. Any player of any strength will be considered. It is a great chance to play in division 1 or 2. Please email  (Sambuca Sharks Captain) asap, thanks.


10.04.2011 - Bulgarian GM Aleksandar Delchev rated 2625 (1st March) is looking for a team to join in the 4NCL. Contact Aleksandar .


31.03.2011 - London based Metropolitan (Division 3) are looking players for the last 3 matches during the final weekend at Hinckley. Contact Captain  for more details or if you can help.


27.03.2011 - I would like to play for any team in 4NCL division 1. I am Vaibhav Suri from India with International Master (IM) title with fide ELO of 2430. I am currently the youngest international master in the world at 13 years of age. Looking for a favourable reply. Regards .


20.01.2011 - Lee Bullock, rated about 1600-1700 Elo would like to play for any team in the 4NCL. He is based in Islington and is 32 yrs old. Lee has been inactive for 20 years but wants to play chess again. Please email or phone (07852) 318674.


11.01.2011 - FM Yang-Fan Zhou Elo 2325 would like to play for a Division 1 team on board 1, 2, 3 or 4. Email: 


08.01.2011 - 9yr old Gorak Rajesh is keen to participate in the 4NCL. He lives in Chelmsford and recently won the U10 London Junior Championship and scored 6/9 in the U12 section. He also came second in the minor section in the Bury St Edmunds congress. He is keen to play long-play games. Contact Gorak's mum by email at  or phone +44 (0)750 6426449.


06.01.2011 - Guntram Hainke, Birmingham based FIDE master rated 2295 is looking for a team to play for the rest of the season. Email 


02.01.2011 - David Haydon FIDE rated 2247, is looking for a team in Division 1 or 2 but preferably Div 1. Conditions to be considered. Email 


02.12.2010 - 2035 rated player would like to play for a team in Division 2 or 3 or the Northern League. Contact John Garnett at 


23.11.2010 - U20 GM rated over 2655 is seeking a team in Div 1. Contact Erdogan Guenes (Manager) at


23.11.2010 - WIM Karina Ambartsumova (RUS) Elo 2302 is looking for a team to play for in Div 1 or 2. Please contact her by email at   


08.11.2010 - GM Neelotpal Das FIDE rating 2486 from India is looking for a team to play for in Div 1 or 2. Please feel free to contact him by email at


02.11.2010 - Bristol need a couple more players for the 6th/7th November at Staverton Park, Daventry, in order to avoid defaults in the third team. If interested please contact David Buckley by or by phoning 07847 271887.


01.11.2010 - Marc Sanchez Ibern (Spanish FM) 15 years old,  Elo 2314 is looking for a team this season and next. Please contact


04.10.2010 - FIDE rated 2109 is looking for a team in Division 2 or 3. Please contact Godfrey Pafura by email or on 07810 201024.


19.09.2010 - FIDE rated 1790 is would like to play for a Division 3 team. Please contact Robert Forsythe by email or on 01914 400580.


09.09.2010 - Grandmaster from India, Elo 2681 (September 2010 list) is looking for a team for the 2010/11 season. Please contact K. Sasikiran.


06.09.2010 - One, two or three players wanted to play for Bristol's second team in the 4NCL rapidplay on October 9th. Please contact David Buckley if interested.


02.09.2010 - From Marcos Capucci. 2229 FIDE. I used to play chess in the 90's and, as a former Brazilian Champion, I participated in a under 26 years old World Chess Tournament in 1997. I would like to join a team. I would like to play strong chess players and try to increase my ELO. Please, feel free to contact me anytime.


11.08.2010 - Pandora's Box are looking for players on Boards 2 & 3 in Division 1. Opportunity for norm seekers. Please contact Kevin McCarthy.


22.07.2010 - Lithuanian, now living in Rotherham, FIDE 2057, ECF 185 is interested in joining a team in the Northern League. Please contact Denis Molofej.


22.07.2010 - From John Upham. The AMCA (Andrew Martin Chess Academy) 4NCL squad is offering places for the 2010/11 season. We run a team in Division 2 (The AMCA Dragons) plus up to three teams in Division Four depending on squad size (The AMCA Rhinos, Hippos and Cheetahs). We attempt to cater for players of all standards and provide an entertaining weekend with a good team social life. Please contact John Upham (Team Manager) on (07976) 634053 or (01252) 514372 or by email.


22.06.2010 - IM from Poland, rated 2436, is looking for a team. Please contact Marcin Krysztofiak.


24.06.2010 - Polish GM rated 2607 is looking for a new team for upcoming season. Feel free to contact Rafal Antoniewski if interested.


08.05.2010 - From Nicolas Brunner.  I am a French International Master, rated 2443 (May 2010) with two grandmaster norms. I am looking for a team to play several weekends in the 1st league next season (2010-2011). Since I am not a professional chess player, and since I am currently highly motivated, looking for playing very strong games and strong players in order to try to increase my rating, I am absolutely not demanding and I basically just asks for only two things: I am ready to play for any team who would just be ready to refund my costs (hotel + meals + return ticket from Paris) and offer me to play at a very high board. Please contact me here.


07.05.2010 - ECF graded 156, looking to get a FIDE rating soon, based in Bingley, is looking for a team for the 2010/11 season. Please contact Kevin Winter.


06.05.2010 - Hungarian GM, 18 years old, rated 2510, is look for a team in 2010/11. U14 European Champion in 2006, board 1 of the winning team in the U18 European Team Championship in 2009. Please contact Peter Prohaszka if interested.


22.04.2010 - ECF graded 173 is looking for a team for the final weekend (1, 2 & 3 May). Please contact Uday Kanike.


22.04.2010 - GM rated 2550 on the next list, from Iceland, living in Bonn Germany which has direct flights to Great Britain, is looking for a team in the 4NCL. Please contact Hedinn Steingrimsson.


05.04.2010 - Any students planning to attend University in 2010/2011 who would like to play in a combined British Universities' Chess Association 4NCL team should contact Alex Holowczak.


16.03.2010  - From Kamarunsalehin. Greetings. My name is Kamarunsalehin and I currently play for Southampton University A team. My FIDE is 1825 from the latest rating list. I was U150 Hampshire congress champion and U160 Portsmouth congress champion in 2009/2010. I look for self-improvement and I wish to get into a team for the 2010/2011 season. Please contact me here or on (07858) 381792. Thank you.


07.03.2010 - International Master from Latvia, FIDE rating 2434, is looking for a team. Please contact Oleg Krivonosov.


14.01.2010 - Serious player, though inactive for a while, is looking for a team in the 4NCL. ECF member. Please contact Edwin Kalerwa on 07738 128734.


06.01.2010 - IM Kestutis Labeckas , rated 2396, from Lithuania, is looking for a team in the 4NCL. Please contact Denis Molofej.


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