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This website includes information on participants in the Four Nations Chess League in respect of name, grade, title, nationality and sex (team registration lists), as well as telephone number(s), email address(es) and postal address(es) in certain circumstances (team captains/managers, management board members, arbiters etc).


Participants wishing this information not to be included on the website should contact the webmaster to have it removed, but should be aware that in this event they will not be permitted to play in the league.







Junior 4NCL (J4NCL) fixtures will be played over three weekends as determined by the J4NCL Management Board.



Match Arrangements


Matches will be played over four boards.



The first-named team in each pairing will have the white pieces on the odd-numbered boards and black on the even-numbered boards.


The starting times and rates of play will be as set out in the entry guidelines published at the start of each season.


Division 1 games will be submitted for ECF grading (longplay or rapidplay as appropriate).


Coaching will be provided for all competitors as per the entry form.


The exact format and structure of each division will be determined by the J4NCL Management Board once final entries are known.



Tie Breaks


Match points will be used to determine team placings. Game points will be used to determine team placings in the event of ties.


Registration Lists


Registration lists must contain the information required on the final page of the entry guidelines.


Players must be under 18 years of age on 1 January 2013.


Each team will be permitted to register up to ten players free of charge.



Additions to the Registration List


Additional names may be added to a teamís list of registered players and should be submitted in the same way as for the registration list in 4.1 above.


Additional registrations must be emailed at the latest by Friday midnight before the weekend they are to play.


A fee of £5 is required for each and every registration that takes a teamís total of registered players above ten.



Transfers during the Season


A player who is named on a teamís list of players may transfer to another team provided he/she has not played during the current season. The transfer request must be agreed by the J4NCL Management Board.


The player will become registered for the new team immediately after a valid application is received.


If a team withdraws from the J4NCL, players who have played only for that team become free agents and may choose to play either for other teams in the squad if applicable or to join another team.



Team Lists


Team lists must be submitted to the arbiter at least one hour before each round. The list must give the full names of the players clearly in board order.


A team list may be amended without penalty for circumstances beyond the captainís control provided this is done before the start of the round.


ECF grades (or failing that best estimate of playing strength) will be used to determine the board order of a team, unless agreed in advance with the arbiter.


Any complaint about the composition of a team must be made before the scheduled start of the round.


Known defaults must be on the lowest boards.


Pairings will be published half an hour before the start of play, or as soon as possible thereafter should this not be feasible.





When a team list is submitted in accordance with rule 7.1 it may also include one nominated reserve player.


A nominated reserve may replace an absent player provided this is done not more than 30 minutes (Division 1) or 10 minutes (Division 2) after the scheduled start of the round.


The improper use of reserves may result in the arbiting team imposing a penalty as deemed appropriate on the offending team.





The arbiting team is empowered to administer the rules of the J4NCL.


The arbiting team may apply penalties as it sees fit for any flagrant or premeditated breaches of the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.


An appeal against a decision of the arbiting team may be made to the J4NCL Management Board. Notice of such an appeal must be made in writing and received within seven days of the original decision.


All participants in the J4NCL shall consent to their name and grade being shown on the J4NCL website, such consent being a requirement of the Data Protection Act. Those wishing to withhold their consent shall not be permitted to play in the J4NCL.


A player may ask his/her captain if he/she may offer or accept a draw. The captain may agree, refuse or tell the player to refer to the match result sheet. In no circumstances may the captain look at any game between receiving the request and giving his/her decision.


The J4NCL Management Board shall arrange meetings for captains/managers, as and when required, at which matters of current interest and future policy shall be discussed.


In all cases the decisions of the J4NCL Management Board shall be final.


Juniors are permitted to play both in the 4NCL itself and in the J4NCL. Juniors in the J4NCL are not tied to their teams in the main 4NCL.


Parents/guardians/teachers are assumed to consent to having photographs of participants taken; if they object to this they should raise the matter either with the arbiting team or the photographer concerned. Copyright to photographs remains with the photographer concerned.


The J4NCL Management Board and the arbiting team accept no responsibility for any damage, theft, injury or accident in relation to the person or property of anyone attending this event. They are unable to act in loco parentis for children and are not able to take responsibility for any childís actions, or for the actions of anyone that may affect a child.  Parents, guardians and teachers as appropriate agree to the terms and conditions as set out in the entry guidelines and these rules as a condition of entry.  Parents/guardians/teachers are responsible for their children throughout the entire duration of the event.


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