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Weekend 1: Teams competing over the weekend 17-18 November 2012 at Hinckley Island Hotel.


Division 1 Division 2

Chess Nuts (1)

Eleanor Hapeshi

Sam Cobbold

James Friar

Joe Friar

James Moreby

Alex Vanlint

Max Elliot


Beethoven's Fifth (1)

Victoria Sit

Zoe Varney

Lauren Weaver

Elizaveta Sheremetyeva

Eva Ressel

Shivi Ravi


Brown Jack Juniors (1)

Will Cleeves

Arthur Copping

Sam Bundy

Benjamin Headlong


Gloucester Giants (1)

Charlie McLaren

Thomas McLaren

Harry McLaren

Daniel Varney


Nottingham Juniors (1)

Jonah Willow

Hambel Willow

Taylor Pearson

Ishaan Bedi

Russell O'Brien

Karam Sangha


Witney (1)

Joseph Truran

Pavel Asenov

Marianne Hauer

Isobel Hauer

Jake Holton

Jonathan Fowler


Yateley Manor (2)

Team A

Harry Grieve

Rahul Radia

James Li

Jamie Blackburn


Team B

Ayush Bose

Omeet Atara

Harvey Roper

Nehan Radia


Photos: Weekend 3-4 March 2012


Ray Morris-Hill

07768 867750

Leeds Junior Chess Club (1)

Hannah Priest

James Dessert

Kayra Berksoy

Jashini Jeyaprakesh

Marcus Tomlinson

Sai Tangirala

Shara Vijay Kumar


Manchester Boys (1)

Jonathan Shine

Flynn Saturley

James Leese-Weller

Tom Duxbury

Kavin Velmurugan

Kevin Ye


Manchester Girls (1)

Zara Walsh

Naadiya Mohammed

Santina Hundle

Mahima Raghavendra

Neha Bagewadi


Yateley Manor (4)

Team A

Tom Adams

Niam Patel

Jarryd Ramkissoon

Xavier Norton-Edwards


Team B

Samuel White

Paige Norton Edwards

Kyle Ramkissoon

George Thompson


Team C

Zac Seth

Joe Sheldon

Dev Atara

Joshua Benton


Team D

Amy Li

James Newton

Ria Bose

Sunay Patel

Joe Seth




No. in brackets indicates number of teams. List were updated @ 16 November 2012 17:59.






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