4NCL Anti Cheating Regulations


FIDE's Anti-Cheating Commission have set out regulations that will shortly come into force.


In anticipation of this, the 4NCL have been required to slightly amend its procedures and hope that these changes can be introduced with a minimum of inconvenience to all involved with the League. Consequently, the following regulations shall be in force during the 4NCL.


    During play players are not allowed outside of the playing venue without an arbiter's permission. The playing venue is: the playing area, toilets, restaurant (food and drink station), smoking area and the corridors connecting these.

  2. Players having the move are not allowed to leave the playing area without an arbiter's permission.

  3. The Analysis room, bookstall, cars and hotel rooms are not classed as part of the playing venue and must not be visited during play.

  4. Electronic devices (e.g. Mobile Phones, Smart Watches, Smart glasses, tablets/iPad/Kindle) should not be brought into the playing area. If this is unavoidable please power off all such devices and place them in a bag, that we provide, under the chair or on the table and the bag must not be touched until the game is finished. If a player has doubt whether something is regarded an electronic device please check with the arbiter.

  5. Spectators and players who have finished their games must have such devices switched off at all times in the playing area. A phone in 'silent' or 'airplane' mode is still on and therefore not allowed.

  6. Hand-held security metal detectors will be at used at this event. Board(s) will be selected at random, and both players will be scanned before the start of the round. We reserve the right to scan any player, or a spectator who is in the playing area, at any time.

  7. All games will be submitted to FIDE and may be processed through their checking tool.

  8. Any concerns about cheating should be brought to the attention of the arbiter and nobody else. The arbiter will handle the situation. Please do not raise concerns with anyone else.

  9. Players are reminded they must not talk about a game in progress with anyone.













Four Nations Chess League

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