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The 4NCL are thinking about setting up a Women’s League – initially for one weekend during the 2019-20 season just to test the water, with maybe expansion in later seasons if the idea gains decent traction. Please see the further information here.


Rather than asking teams to enter, we are asking for expressions of interest from individual players whom we will then group into teams of broadly similar strength before the weekend itself. That way captains won’t have the worry of having to find players beforehand in order to field a team. Needless to say, however, if you would like to be a captain and field your own team that is absolutely fine (and we’ll give you a discount on the entry fee!).


If you are interested in playing, please fill in the expression of interest form below or contact Claire Summerscale on



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Our early thoughts on arrangements are as follows:

  1. Eight teams of four players each;

  2. Four rounds (two on Saturday, two on Sunday);

  3. A format of two pools/four teams in each pool - the first placed teams in each pool to play off for first place, the second placed teams to play off for third place and so on;

  4. A time control of G/60 + 30’, which would qualify the league for both FIDE standardplay rating (see 5. below) and ECF standardplay grading;

  5. A FIDE rating cap of 2200 for players so that all games can be submitted for FIDE standardplay rating;

  6. As the league will be FIDE rated, ECF Gold membership will be needed;

  7. A hotel venue in line with the usual standard of hotels used by the 4NCL for its other events;

  8. A modest entry fee of £15 per player or £50 per team to help cover the cost of arbiters, prizes etc (although we expect the event will still run at a loss);

  9. Players of all ages and nationalities are more than welcome – so in line with the existing 4NCL model.

The format may change depending on the number of players we get.


We probably need around 40 players in total to get the idea off the ground, so do please let us know if you would like to play. We look forward to hearing from you!


Kind Regards,

Mike Truran


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