Hull 4NCL Online Congress



Friday 30 October - Sunday 1 November

Four Sections - Open, U2000, U1700 and U1400 (All sections - five rounds)



Congress Dates

Friday 30 October – Sunday 1 November October (Entries close at 6pm on Friday 30 October)




You can pay your entry fee by credit or debit card or through PayPal.


Pairings & Results: Open | U2000 | U1700 | U1400 | Entries | Games | Winners




Under 2000

Under 1700

Under 1400


If FIDE rated players have an ECF rating, both their FIDE rating and their ECF rating must be below 2000 in the Under 2000 section, below 1700 in the Under 1700 section and below 1400 in the Under 1400 section.


Playing Schedule

































A ½ point bye may be taken in rounds 1–4.


Time Control

All moves in 45 minutes plus 15 second increment per move from move 1.


Re-pairing will take place 15 minutes after the start of a round. Players who have not arrived will be defaulted 15 minutes after the scheduled start of a round.


Grades and Ratings

FIDE and ECF ratings from the September 2020 lists will be used where possible. ECF ratings will be used for players with no FIDE rating.


Players without a current FIDE or ECF rating must give details of estimated playing strength, including any previously held grading, or current grading from another body.


All games will be submitted for ECF online rating.



In the event of a tie on points, the following tie-breaks will be used:

  1. Direct Encounter 

  2. Median-Buchholz 

  3. Buchholz Cut 1 

  4. Buchholz

Entry Fee

£5.00 for all sections.



1st place in each section: Choice of two-hour online training session with GM Danny Gormally or engraved glass trophy.

2nd place, 3rd place, best performance in each section: Engraved glass trophies.


No player may win more than one prize or trophy. Ungraded or unrated players may not win a rating trophy.


Trophies may be changed subject to numbers of entries.


Using Lichess

The 4NCL uses Lichess for its congresses. Players new to online chess or to Lichess should read the following documents before the congress:



Lichess and Child Safeguarding

Lichess is a third party website over which the 4NCL has no direct control, and as a result parents will need to consider for themselves whether or not it is appropriate for their child to use this website to play in this congress. Parents may want to consider the following child safeguarding measures:


  • Setting up children’s accounts account in “Kid Mode”, which disables all site communications and is password protected;

  • Whether or not parents want to fill in a real name, provide location details, and write other details in the biography on their children’s profiles;

  • There are various other privacy options, including allowing “followers” of the account, and whether or not to allow messaging.



In all sections there is a pay to play fee of £5.00 for players who are not ECF members or supporters.


Players need an account at in order to play in the congress.


The 4NCL reserves the right to transfer players between sections at any time.


Pairings in all sections will be made using Swiss-Manager.


Players under sanction in 4NCL Online or Junior 4NCL Online may not play in the congress.


The 4NCL reserves the right to refuse any entry without explanation.


The submission of an entry form and payment of the entry fee denotes acceptance that the 4NCL’s decision is final in all matters.


Entries close at 6pm on Friday 30 October.



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