Triangular matches are organised when there are an odd number of teams competing in a division which is using Swiss pairings. Each of the three teams in the match will play three games against each opposing team on each day of the weekend. Over a weekend, therefore, each team will play six games against each opposing team. The League Table will then be calculated as if these six games were a normal match. In the event of there being an odd number of teams in the final round a triangular will be arranged over one day only, and half normal match points will be awarded for the component three-board matches.


Board Order

The pairings are arranged such that, if the teams are unchanged, each player will play one game with white and one with black, and against one opponent from each opposing team. Therefore it is important that players who play on both days do not play on an odd-numbered board on one day, and on an even-numbered board on the other. If it is necessary to breach the 80-point rule to meet this requirement then the chief arbiter will apply Rule 8.7 and declare the breach to be in the best interests of the event - but captains are expected to think ahead and vary the Saturday board order to mitigate the problem if possible.


Playing Arrangements

Each team is allocated a letter (A, B, or C) which will apply on both days. When the pairings are published on the web site team A will be listed first followed by teams B and C in order. This weekend Leeds University Old Boys are A, The Full Ponty are B, and Iceni are C. The cards labelling the boards prominently label them, for example, C1 v A2: this indicates that at that board, the board one player of team C has white against the board two player of team A. The board number players should put on their score sheet is smaller type at the bottom of the card.






1 A1 - B1 B1 - C1
2 C1 - A2 C2 - A1
3 B2 - C2 A2 - B2
4 B3 - A3 C3 - B3
5 A4 - C3 A3 - C4
6 C4 - B4 B4 - A4
7 A5 - B5 B5 - C5
8 C5 - A6 C6 - A5
9 B6 - C6 A6 - B6



Dave Thomas

22 Oct 2012.



Four Nations Chess League

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