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11.10.19  - Players wanted in division 4 season 2019-20. 170+ ECF as regulars, 140 to 170 ECF as squad players, and below 140 ECF as backup players. We are planning/hoping to get the team at least at the top end of the division this season. So, if interested please call Ben Ogunshola on 0754 505 2800.

17.9.19 - Anglian Avengers, are looking for new players (in particular a junior). We are basically a team of friends with most players from East Anglia but it's not a requirement to be from the area to join us! We are an amateur squad so do not pay our players. If you are looking for strong chess and good fun then please consider joining us at the AA! Contact Paul Talsma at .


11.9.19 - GM Neelotpal Das from India, FIDE ID 5003512, is looking for a team to join for the forthcoming season. If any captain or manager is interested he can be contacted at .


09.9.19 - Two Spanish players would like to play in the 4NCL league. They are an International Master, rated around 2430, and a Fide Master, rated 2330 (with 2 IM norms). They would prefer to play together, depending on availability. Living in Madrid, they can travel. Contact: .

26.8.19 - Watford Chess Club entered 4NCL in 2017-18 and followed up with a second team last year. If there's anyone, adult or junior, out there in the Herts/Bucks/Beds/NWLondon area who is interested in joining a local club with a view to playing in the 4NCL, please contact Watford manager Roger Lancaster. We'd be particularly (but not exclusively) interested in ELO1900+ players to reinforce our first team and give it a chance of escaping from Division 4. Please contact  if interested.

30.7.19 - My name is Mitra Hejazipour (WGM) rated 2251 (July 2019). I live in Brest, France and am looking for a 4NCL team for the 2019-20 season. Please email if you can help.

22.5.19 - We're looking to enter a new team in Division 3 North, in the 2019-2020 competition. We currently have 8 players (from the East Riding of Yorkshire area) and would like to invite other, enthusiastic, players to join us. Contact us at .


10.5.19 - This message is to any division 2 teams which might be looking for a junior player for next season? Christopher Tombolis - my son, is looking for a team. Preferably in div 2, so that he can play in the same division as his friend, who plays for Kent. Please contact  if you can help.

01.3.19 - Holmes Chapel of Division 3 North need one or two new players. Any strength considered. Contact Pat Bennett at .

24.2.19 - IM Aleksander Alienkin is looking for a team in the 4NCL, any divisions. Please contact him at .

09.1.19 - Nicholas Martin (Banbury Bulldogs) has a spare room (Standard Double Sat 12th Jan) available for Div 4S 'Bedford' weekend at The Bedford Swan hotel - 4 star hotel very short walk away from playing venue. It is £79 for single occupancy B&B or £89 for 2 person B&B. Please contact Nicholas on 07450 285843 or at nicholas_martin@btinternet.com.

06.12.18 - Dutch GM Jan Werle, ELO 2540 (Dec 1 2018), is looking for a 4NCL team for this and/or next season. Contact Jan at .


05.12.18 - GM Petar Genov 2445, living in Hamburg Germany for 1 Year permanently, is looking for team in 4NCL for the 2018-19 season. Petar can can participate together with his wife WIM Lyubka Genova 2220. Contact: .

01.11.18 - GM Grzegorz Nasuta, FIDE 2520, is looking for a team for the 2018-19 season. Please contact Grzegorz at .

24.10.18 - The Pitstop is looking for players to join a dynamic, fun but small team. Players of any grade accepted and would hopefully be available / wanting to play as many weekends as possible. If this is you, then please contact Ben Ogunshola at  or on 0754 505 2800.

30.7.18 - GM Gao, Rui from China, 2555 (August 2018) is looking for a 4NCL team for the 2018-19 season. Contact him at .


30.7.18 - After a successful season which saw Wessex A promoted to Division 2 we are seeking to strengthen & extend our squad to hopefully hold our own and survive there! As we also have a Wessex B in Division 4 , players of all abilities will get a warm welcome if they join our friendly squad. We are particularly keen to hear from Junior and/or Female players so we can meet the Div 2 requirements on diversity. For more info, please contact Keith Gregory at .


25.7.18 - The Iceni squad has three teams. Iceni 1 and Iceni 2 have just been promoted to Division 3 South, and wish to stay there next season. Iceni 3 are improving. Iceni would welcome a few new strong players. The Iceni players are friendly, sociable, and love their chess. If you are interested in joining us and playing for Iceni, please contact .

20.5.18 - WGM Turkan Mamedjarova, FIDE rated 2309 (1st May 2018) from Azerbaijan is looking for a 4NCL team for the 2018-19 season. If you can help please contact her at .

15.2.18 - Hungarian WFM Barbara Juhasz rated 2201 is seeking a 4NCL team to join. Contact  for more information.


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