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16.9.18 - IM John-Paul Wallace FIDE 2377 is looking for a team for the 2018-19 season. John-Paul lives in London and is registered Australian under FIDE. Please contact him at .



30.7.18 - GM Gao, Rui from China, 2555 (August 2018) is looking for a 4NCL team for the 2018-19 season. Contact him at .


30.7.18 - After a successful season which saw Wessex A promoted to Division 2 we are seeking to strengthen & extend our squad to hopefully hold our own and survive there! As we also have a Wessex B in Division 4 , players of all abilities will get a warm welcome if they join our friendly squad. We are particularly keen to hear from Junior and/or Female players so we can meet the Div 2 requirements on diversity. For more info, please contact Keith Gregory at .


25.7.18 - The Iceni squad has three teams. Iceni 1 and Iceni 2 have just been promoted to Division 3 South, and wish to stay there next season. Iceni 3 are improving. Iceni would welcome a few new strong players. The Iceni players are friendly, sociable, and love their chess. If you are interested in joining us and playing for Iceni, please contact .



20.5.18 - WGM Turkan Mamedjarova, FIDE rated 2309 (1st May 2018) from Azerbaijan is looking for a 4NCL team for the 2018-19 season. If you can help please contact her at .



22.4.18 - Throw In The Tal are looking for a player to play in Division 4 at De Vere Wokefield Estate near Reading, on Sunday May 6th (round 10). Please contact Dave Ireland at  if interested.


02.4.18  -  Jennifer Goldsmith (ECF 106, FIDE 1342) would like to play in Division 4 during the 2018-19 season. If interested feel free to contact her on .



31.3.18  - IM Jose Camacho Collados currently rated 2401 has just moved to Cardiff and would like to join a 4NCL team for this 2017/18 season and/or the following season. Please contact Jose at .


07.3.18  - FM Ritvars Reimanis currently rated 2335 has just moved from Copenhagen to Edinburgh and would like to join a 4NCL team as soon as possible. Please contact Ritvars if you can help .



15.2.18 - Hungarian WFM Barbara Juhasz rated 2201 is seeking a 4NCL team to join. Contact  for more information.



16.11.17 - Indian GM K. Sasikiran (FIDE 2677) is looking for a team to play in Division 1 during the 2017-18 season. If you can help, please contact him to discuss, as soon as possible .



03.9.17 - The Full Ponty are looking to strengthen their squad for their debut in div3s. Ideally you will be at least 2100, but all players will be considered. You must like your beer, enjoy the social side of the weekend and be able to fit in with a team of 40+ year olds! Contact  if interested.




16.8.17 - Throw In The Tal are aiming for promotion in Division 4 South in 2017-18, and are looking for players that would like to play on the higher boards. Interested players please contact Dave Ireland at .



27.4.17 - FM Viacheslav Tilicheev (2497) winner of some open tournaments in Bulgaria and WFM Viktoria Bukhteeva (2220) last-year Bulgarian Women Team Champion (played on 1st board), both from Russia but currently living in Bulgaria, are looking for a 4NCL team together or separately. If interested please contact .



26.2.17 - GM Erik van den Doel (2570) is looking for a team in the 4NCL. Contact him at .



18.11.16 - GM Bogdan Lalic, elo 2443 (Croatia), is looking for a team to play for in this season's 4NCL. Please contact  to discuss.


03.11.16 - GM Viktor Laznicka (Czech Republic), FIDE rating 2664 @ Nov 1, is seeking a team in Division 1. Contact: .



19.5.16 - 22 years old IM Vojtěch Plát (CZE) with FIDE rating of 2490 and live rating of 2504 is seeking a team for the 2016-17 season.  Vojtěch has one GM norm and has previously played for the 4NCL Guildford team. Contact him at .


07.5.16 - Canadian GM Eric Hansen (2582 FIDE) is interested in playing for a team in Div 1. Contact .


10.4.16 - GM Surya Ganguly, rated 2648 is I am looking for a team to play for in the 4NCL. If you can help please email  to discuss.


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