COVID Arrangements (updated 21 April 2022)

  1. Players are encouraged to wear face coverings in playing areas and public areas.

  2. Where a player’s opponent is over 60 years old and asks that the player wears a face covering, we suggest that it would be courteous for the player to agree to the request. We suggest that players should have a face covering with them during the weekend on the basis that an opponent over 60 years old may make such a request.

  3. Players should not attend the weekend if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or if they are required to self-isolate following a visit abroad during the 14 days preceding the weekend.

  4. Players are encouraged to take an up-to-date rapid lateral flow test before attending the weekend, and should not attend the weekend if the test result is positive.


    Personal possessions in the playing areas should be kept to a minimum.

  6. Hands should be sanitised before and after handling personal possessions.

  7. Hand sanitiser and masks will if possible be available for players’ use.

  8. Players should leave the playing areas as soon as their game is complete having reported the result and not re-enter the playing areas until the start of the next round without an arbiter’s permission.

  9. During their game, players are encouraged to only leave the table at which they are playing for comfort/refreshment etc breaks.

  10. Players should not be accompanied into the playing areas by anyone else before the start of play for each round, with the exception of juniors who may be accompanied by parents/guardians and players with disabilities who may be accompanied by carers.

  11. To avoid players gathering around printed pairing sheets in public areas, pairings will be displayed on and match cards (for league weekends) will be provided at the end of each row in playing areas. Players will be expected to look up their pairings using their mobile phones or another electronic device before they enter the playing areas.

  12. Photographers (with prior permission from the Chief Arbiter) and captains (for league weekends) may be present in the playing areas. Spectators should not attend please.

  13. Where possible, playing area windows and doors into the playing areas will be kept open during play.

  14. The 4NCL reserves the right to amend the above arrangements before the weekend in the light of any changes to HM Government rules and guidelines.




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