Dates and Venues

Dates and venues for the 4NCL’s 2022-2023 season can be found by going to on the 4NCL website. The ‘Hotels’ section in the ‘22-23 Season’ dropdown menu on the 4NCL website gives further information on the various venues.


Entry Requirements

All entries, whether for existing teams or for new entrants, need to be received together with the appropriate entry fee by close of play on Sunday 4 September 2022. The online entry form can be found here: 4NCL Team Entry 2022-23. Please either:





  • Make cheques payable to '4NCL' and send along with your entry to Mike Truran at The Old Farmhouse, 7 Church Street, Ducklington, Witney, Oxon, OX29 7UA.


Captains will again be required to register their players online. Captains will be sent instructions for the use of the online software and their login details shortly after the closing date for entries. Any requests for additional accounts for captains of individual teams should be sent to Dave Thomas on .

Initial player registration lists must be submitted by close of play on Thursday 13 October 2022. The 4NCL rules set out the information required for each player. Players named on the initial registration list must either be registered with FIDE prior to the list being submitted or eligible and willing to be registered with them as English players. Players registered with FIDE as ENG, or not registered, must be ECF Gold or Platinum members (or corresponding junior categories) at the time the registration list is submitted. This rule will be strictly enforced. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse entry to teams whose registration lists are unacceptably late.

In Division 4 we will close entries before 4 September if we reach the maximum number of Division 4 teams we can accommodate (34) early.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are as follows:

Division 1, Division 2: £400
Division 3, Division 4: £250

Entry fees entitle teams to nominate up to 16 players (Division 1, Division 2) and 12 players (Division 3, Division 4) in their team lists. Nominated players taking team lists over 16 (Division 1, Division 2) or 12 (Division 3, Division 4) in total will be subject to the usual registration fee.

Registration fees and wildcard fees are as set out in the rules.


We have pitched entry fees at a level which is forecast to make a small loss assuming reduced commission income compared with pre-Covid levels and no prizes. We will review the position at the end of the season, and if we have surplus funds they will be returned in prize money if possible (or, failing that, a reduction in entry fees for the 2023-2024 season).


The latest version of the 4NCL rules can be found here:


Could captains of entering teams please check their contact details in the ‘Team Captains’ section of the 4NCL website and confirm that they are shown correctly. Please notify any changes to Steve Connor () to update the website, and Dave Thomas ( to amend the e-mail address associated with your user account in the software.


If entering teams would like a link to their own website from the 4NCL website, please let the webmaster know.



If there are any points that you wish to discuss further then please get in touch with Mike Truran ().



  Entry Guidelines 22-23 in PDF


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