11th FIDE Rated Congress



Fri 4 - Sun 6 Nov 2016


Harben House

Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell,

Buckinghamshire, MK16 9EY.


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Three Sections


FIDE Rated Open

FIDE Rated U2000 (U175)

ECF Under 135


Prize fund £2,437.50



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Pairings and Results

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The two British KO Championship Qualifiers are: IM Daniel Fernandez, 2450 and GM Nicholas Pert, 2566.


The BKO event will take place during the London Chess Classic from Thurs 8 December to Fri 16 December.



Because the first round loser prize at the British Knockout Championship amounts to £2,500, players occupying the first two places in the Open section will not be eligible for the prizes on offer at the congress itself. That means of course that any player finishing outside the first two places in the Open section will be eligible for the congress prizes. These are: 1st £500; 2nd £250; 3rd £125.





FIDE Rated Open: Open to all players. Prizes - 1st £500; 2nd £250; 3rd £125 - plus best performance prize of £100 each. Entry fee £30.


FIDE Rated U2000 (U175): Open to: (1) FIDE rated players rated below 2000 FIDE; (2) players without a FIDE rating graded below 175 ECF. Prizes - 1st £500; 2nd £250; 3rd £125 - plus grading prize of £100 each. Entry fee £30.


ECF U135: Open to players graded below 135 ECF.   Prizes - 1st £250; 2nd £125; 3rd £62.50 - plus grading prize of £50 each. Entry fee £35 (£30 for ECF Silver or above members).


No player may win more than one prize. All place prize money will be shared equally between tied players.


The method for allocating grading prizes can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


Discounts: GMs / IMs free, FMs half price. GMs please contact  for other conditions.


Late Entries: Entries may be accepted on the day subject to availability and payment of a £10 surcharge.


Entry Forms: Completed entry forms, together with the appropriate entry fee (payable to “4NCL”) should be sent to Mike Truran at The Old Farmhouse, 7 Church Street, Ducklington, Witney, Oxon OX29 7UA or emailed to  (in the latter case, please contact Mike for bank transfer payment details).


Tiebreak Rules: If two or more players are tied for one or more of the qualifying spots, the following tie-breaks will be used:

  1. Direct encounter (however, if more than two players are tied, then all the tied players must have played each other for this tie-break to be used).

  2. Sum of progressive scores.

  3. Average rating of opponents, where: (i) the rating of unrated players who have an ECF grade will be assigned a rating using the formula Elo = ECF * 7.5 + 700; and (ii) players without either a grade or rating will have a rating assigned by the organiser before the start of the tournament.

  4. Number of wins.

  5. Drawing of lots.



Playing Schedule:


































A ½ point bye may be taken in rounds 1–4.


Time Control: All moves in 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move from move 1. Re-pairing will take place 30 minutes after the start of a round. Players will be defaulted 30 minutes after the scheduled start of a round.



Grades and Ratings


FIDE ratings from the October 2016 list will be used for the FIDE-rated sections, and ECF grades published in the July 2016 list will be used for the U135 section and unrated players in FIDE rated sections. If necessary players will be transferred between sections to take account of rating/grading movements after date of entry (see below).


The FIDE Rated Open and FIDE Rated U2000 sections will be both FIDE rated and ECF graded. The ECF U135 section will be ECF graded.


Players without a current FIDE rating or ECF grade must give details of estimated playing strength, including any previously held grading, or current grading from another body.


Ungraded or unRated players may not win a grading prize and, with the exception of the FIDE Open, may only win 50% of any other prize.





English players must be ECF Gold or Platinum members in the FIDE Rated Open and FIDE Rated U2000 sections. There is a £5 discount for ECF Silver or above members in the U135 sections (see above).


Prizes may be changed subject to numbers of entries.


The 4NCL reserves the right to transfer players between sections at any time.




Harben House


All pairings will be made using FIDE Swiss pairing rules using Swiss Manager.


The submission of an entry form and payment of the entry fee denotes acceptance that the 4NCL’s decision is final in all matters.


The 4NCL reserves the right to refuse any entry without explanation.





The following rates have been negotiated with Holiday Inn.


£32.50 BB per person per night (based on two sharing)

£55.00 BB per person per night (single occupancy)

£47.50 DBB per person per night (based on two people sharing)

£70.00 DBB per person per night (single occupancy)



How to Get There


Click this link for information about the location of this hotel.



Control Team


IA Matthew Carr, NA Adrian Elwin.





The 4NCL accepts no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of anyone attending this event.





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