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This website includes information on participants in the Four Nations Chess League in respect of name, grade, title, nationality and sex (team registration lists), as well as telephone number(s), email address(es) and postal address(es) in certain circumstances (team captains/managers, management board members, arbiters etc).


Participants wishing this information not to be included on the website should contact the webmaster to have it removed, but should be aware that in this event they will not be permitted to play in the league.





Weekend 1-5


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Rd9 | Rd10 | Rd11 |


Crosstable Div3s 1-6 | Crosstable Div3n 1-6 | Division 3s&n |


Arrangements for Rounds 7-11

At the two final weekends (rounds 7-11) Division 3 South and Division 3 North will combine into a single division, with match and game points carried over from the first three weekends. During these final weekends best endeavours will be made to maximise the number of matches played between Division 3 South and Division 3 North teams.






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