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Manx Liberty Outlook

13.12.17 - Dietmar Kolbus reports on the Isle of Man Chess team Manx Liberty and their Candidacy for Promotion to Division 1 in 2017-18. Read more here ...


Divisions 3 and 4, Weekend 1

13.12.17 - A report round-up about Weekend 1 at Wokefield Park and Darlington including an annotated 'Star Game' is now available - with thanks to (an extremely patient) Steve Burke.

Back-to-back 4NCL victories make it 46 in a row for dominant Guildford - L Barden

Friday 17 November 2017


The Surrey team won their first two matches of the 4NCL season 8-0 and 7½-½, with Matthew Sadler the only member of the team who dropped half a point.



The Four Nations Chess League (4NCL) began its new season at Telford last weekend where it left off, with a new demonstration of Guildford’s supremacy.


The Surrey team, replete with grandmasters, took their opening matches by 8-0 and 7½-½ and have now won 46 matches in a row in a sequence stretching back to 2012-13. Read more ...


Div 1a Team Report

15.11.17 - Many thanks to John Carleton (Spirit of Atticus) for his detailed report about the A Team's Division 1 endeavours during weekend 1 in Telford.

Div 3n Team Report - Weekend 1

14.11.17 - Many thanks to Andy Mort (Spirit of Atticus) for his Division 3n report about Weekend 1 at the Holiday Inn, Doncaster.

Weekend 1 Report

14.11.17 - A big thank you to Rhys Cumming for his detailed weekend 1 report about Divisions 1 & 2 in Telford. Download here in PDF format.


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