4th 4NCL Online Congress 


Friday 15 - Sunday 17 January 2021


4 sections: Open, U2000, U1700 & U1400 | Fee: Ł7.50 | Information & Arrangements



  Entries close, 5pm Friday 15 January.

4NCL Online Spring Congress 


Tuesday 2 February - Tuesday 27 April, 2021


4 sections: Open, U2000, U1700 & U1400 | Fee: Ł10.50 | Information & Arrangements



  Entries close, 5pm Tues 2 Feb for Rd1 ...more.

4NCL Online - Season 3 



  Entries closed, midnight Thursday 14 Jan.


Season 3 dates | Start Rankings @ 00:00 on 6 Jan.

Junior 4NCL Online - Season 3 



  Entries closed, midnight Thursday 14 Jan.


Season 3 dates | Start Rankings @ 00:00 on 6 Jan.


Online Fair Play Report - End of Season 2

The statistics for Season 2 are below:


  • 11 players were banned due to fair play violations;

  • 11 other players were banned by Lichess, for whom the weight of statistical evidence did not support the 4NCL overturning results (e.g. the bans were imposed as a result of the cheating taking place in non-4NCL games on Lichess);

  • Of the 22 cases above, only 3 cases were attributable to players in Junior 4NCL Online; the other 18 were attributable to 4NCL Online.


In Season 1, there were 50 cases, with the reduction in part caused by changing the definition of what constituted a ban. Previously all 22 cases above would have resulted in the player being banned. In addition:


  • A number of players who were banned in Season 1 have not returned in Season 2;

  • With two exceptions, players who were banned in Season 1 and readmitted in Season 2 have a clean bill of health.


On the face of it, this is a dramatic reduction and looks positive; and for Junior 4NCL Online, it does look considerably more like we would expect to see from an over-the-board event as a whole.


However, 4NCL Online still has a number of people who we expect, if they continue to behave in the way that they have for much longer, will be banned by Lichess and meet our tolerance threshold.


There are approximately 25 players in 4NCL Online who we believe were probably cheating in Season 2. We say this based on comparing data from Season 2 with 4NCL over the board dating back to 2017; there are a number of performances which far exceed anything we have ever seen naturally from over the board chess in England, but which nevertheless fall short of the thresholds under which either 4NCL or Lichess will ban someone. There is a reasonable probability that maybe one or two of these people are playing honestly, but the chances that they are all playing honestly are vanishingly small. 4NCL Online will be combining Season 2 with Season 3 data, and so the slate will not be wiped clean, and may be used to provide justification for bans in Season 3. Most disappointingly, amongst these 25 are three squad captains and an ECF arbiter.


While it’s disappointing that a number of people are clearly ‘sailing close to the wind’, and also that bans/suspicious activity are weighted disproportionately towards 4NCL Online rather than Junior 4NCL Online, nonetheless the overall trend does appear to be in the right direction.


The fair play guidelines have been reviewed and amended to take account of experience gained in Seasons 1 and 2, and we believe that they strike a good balance between identifying cheats effectively and reducing the risk of wrongly accusing the innocent. We encourage captains to read the new guidelines and to share them with their players – and we also thank the vast majority of captains and players who are committed to a clean playing environment.

4NCL Online Fair Play Guidelines

The 4NCL Online and Junior 4NCL Online fair play guidelines have been updated for season 3. Please read and bring to the attention of your players the following updated sections in particular:


Section 4: 4NCL Online Fair Play Panel;

Section 5: 4NCL Online Appeals Committee;

Section 8: Other (public allegations of cheating against other players);

Section 8: Other (streaming).


See updated guidelines here.


Players' Agreement to Fair Play Guidelines Form

Team captains will be able to submit their squad lists from 7th January.


Returning teams will be able to amend/update their squad lists from the end of season 2. New teams will have until 16th January to submit their squad lists, and the squad lists at that point will be used for the purpose of seeding the pairings in the lowest division. Pairings and teams will be published on 17th January, and captains will be able to submit their team lists for round 1 from 18th January.




All players will need to sign the Fair Play Form again for Season 3, on the basis that the fair play guidelines have changed significantly from the end of season 2. The fair play form, the link for which can also be found in the dropdown menu(s) at the top of this page, summarises the significant changes from season 2 which players need to be aware of. Players will not be available for selection until the fair play form has been signed.

Many congratulations to all the 4NCL Online Season 2 champions

4NCL Online

Division 1: ChessPlus Kingston

Division 2: CSC 1

Division 3: Catford Cosmonauts 2

Division 4: Hertford 1

Division 5: Hackney Thirsty

Division 6: Dundee City B


Junior 4NCL Online

Division 1: KJCA Young Kestrels A

Division 2: May the Fork Be With You 1

Division 3: KJCA Young Kestrels F

Division 4: Barnet Knights A

Malcolm Pein on…the Kingston 4NCL Champions



31.12.20 - Malcolm Pein turns his attention back to the Four Nations Chess League in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column – and the match which made Kingston 4NCL champions.


The big final brought plenty of action and a surprising result.


ChessPlus Kingston stunned Wood Green to win the First Division of the 4NCL Online League. Having pulled off one giant-killing act to defeat Guildford Young Guns 2˝-1˝ in the semifinal, they produced another, despite FM Marcus Harvey taking his score for the season to a whopping 8˝/9 by defeating Goran Pavlik. More here ...

Former finance minister scores winning point in British final - Leonard Barden



21.12.20 - The surprise winners of Britain’s online 4NCL league last week were ChessPlus Kingston, who overcame the favourites Wood Green in the final. ChessPlus organises instructional courses for chess teachers, with support from the European Chess Union.




Fittingly in the time of The Queen's Gambit, CPK’s women made decisive top board contributions. In 1984 Pia Cramling defeated Viktor Korchnoi at the height of the legend’s powers, her Beth Harmon moment, and last week she saved a lost rook ending.


Dana Reizniece-Ozola scored CPK’s winning point. There have been keen but weak chess players, like Andrew Bonar Law and Fidel Castro, in positions of political power, and strong players, notably Garry Kasparov, who never achieved power. 



Latvia’s former finance minister has beaten the world No 1 woman, and is still active in both areas, scrutinising the national budget on a spreadsheet while playing her 4NCL semi-final. She speaks five languages and is a mother of four children so the FT is a good place to mark her achievements.


Reizniece-Ozola’s imaginative sacrificial attack decided the final, but IM Ravi Haria missed a draw at the end. A different 27th queen move would have forced White to draw by perpetual check or allow Black a winning counter.


Puzzle 2399: White mates in three moves (by Ellis Ridley, 1890). Just a single line of play with all moves on both sides forced and no checks before the final mate, yet some solving experts have found it hard. How do you compare? Solution.

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