10th 4NCL Online Congress


Friday 13 - Sunday 15 August.


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Entries close, 5pm Fri 13 Aug.

2nd 4NCL Online Autumn Congress


Tuesday 31 August - Tuesday 23 November, 2021


Open | U2000 | U1700 | U1400 | Winners | Entry Fee: £10.50 | Information




Rd1 entries close, 5pm Mon 30 Aug.

Main 4NCL Arbiter Interest

The main 4NCL is seeking to recruit arbiters for the 2021/22 Season. To be considered as an arbiter you must be registered with FIDE as a licensed NA, FA or IA. If you are registered with FIDE as ENG, SCO or WLS but do not have a licence then the appropriate federation can arrange for you to get one.


Further details and form link here.

4NCL Online - Season 4 




  Entries close, midnight Mon 9 Aug.


Season 4 dates | Start Rankings

Junior 4NCL Online - Season 4 




  Entries close, midnight Mon 9 Aug.


Fantasy Football


For the 2021-22 Fantasy Premier League why not join "Premier Chess" - the number one League for chess players? Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply go here and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game.

League Code: vdm1rl

For your diary

26th 4NCL Fide Rated Congress: Friday 10 - Sunday 12 September, Leamington Spa (Woodland Grange).

3rd Hull 4NCL Fide Rated Congress: Friday 22 - Sunday 24 October, Royal Hotel, Hull.

27th 4NCL Fide Rated Congress: Friday 21 - Sunday 23 January 2022, Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.


Further information (when we have it) and online entry forms will be available as usual.

Carlsen loses three in a row twice as champion heads for World Cup - Leonard Barden


09.07.21 - Garry Kasparov to take on world title challenger, Ian Nepomniachtchi, this weekend.



Magnus Carlsen suffered a rare double setback last weekend when the world champion twice lost three games in a row at the $100,000 Goldmoney Asian Rapid. The defeats occurred in his losing semi-final against the world No 5, Levon Aronian, then in his third place play-off against Ding Liren, though he still managed to defeat China’s world No 3.


The 30-year-old Norwegian had an off day, missing several tactical chances.




The No 1 has already qualified for the Meltwater Champions Tour final after winning the two previous events, so diminished motivation explains it. Next week he bids to try and put to rest a longstanding hoodoo when he makes his fourth attempt at the 206-player, $1.9m World Cup knockout in Sochi ... more.



In contrast, English over-the-board competitive chess is only now starting to revive from the pandemic, although pent-up demand is certainly there. This weekend’s 4NCL (Four Nations Chess League) congress in Leamington Spa and next Saturday’s £2500 DecodeChess Rapidplay in Manchester Square, London, have entry limits of 130-150 and are already oversubscribed.


The London tournament is followed next day, Sunday 18 July, by the ChessFest in Trafalgar Square, which may attract thousands of players.


The pandemic wiped out the last 4NCL over-the-board season, although it continued to thrive online. Now the plan is to play the first of five 2021-22 weekends in late November, with venues at Milton Keynes, Leamington and Doncaster.


The return of the 4NCL is significant not only for competing clubs but for individuals, because it offers a realistic chance of qualifying for GM and IM norms, plus the women’s equivalents, which are a prime target for ambitious players.


Diagram: Heikki Westerinen v Gudmundur Sigurjónsson, New York 1977. White to move. Black threatens Qxc2+ and Qxe2 mate. Can you find White’s winning move and winning sequence?


Read more and see solution...

Many congratulations to all the 4NCL Online Season 3 Champions

4NCL Online  

Division 1: Celtic Tigers & Sharks

Division 2: Hull & Beverley Romans 1

Division 3: MK Phoenix 2

Division 4: Barnet Knights A 

Division 5: Charlton Cobras A

Division 6: MK Phoenix 3

Division 7: Newport A


Junior 4NCL Online

Division 1: Muswell Hill Bishops

Division 2: Young Dragons A

Division 3: Barnet Knights A

Division 4: Leeds Juniors 1

Division 5: Lenzie Basilisks

Return to OTB chess

We continue to plan the 4NCL's return to OTB chess. As well as our 25th 4NCL Congress at Woodland Grange (Leamington Spa) on 9-11 July 2021, we have also booked the same venue for our 26th 4NCL Congress on 10-12 September 2021. More information to follow when we have it. Needless to say, arrangements may be subject to change depending on what happens later this year with Covid-19.


Mike Truran

4NCL Dates 2021-2022

We're very pleased to be able to announce the dates and venues for the 4NCL's 2021-2022 season, which can be found here. Our thanks go to our friends at Guaranteed Events for their help in finding suitable venues for us. Please note the following:

  1. The dates may be affected (or indeed may need to be cancelled) should the Covid-19 situation not evolve as HM Government hopes. We will keep a careful eye on future developments and keep captains/managers informed.

  2. Given the prevailing uncertainty we will not be publishing entry guidelines, rules etc until much closer to the first round - probably mid/end October.

  3. Despite 2 above, Guaranteed Events are happy to field early accommodation enquiries. As usual, no money is taken until after arrival at the venue, so there is no financial risk to captains, managers and players booking accommodation early should, for example, a Covid-19 resurgence require weekends to be postponed or cancelled. Please do NOT try to book accommodation direct with the hotel as you will not get the preferential 4NCL arrangements.

  4. The proposed divisional format/structure for 2021-2022 (and for 2022-2023) is explained in more detail here.

Kind regards,

Mike Truran

25th 4NCL FIDE Rated Congress

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 July, Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa.


Thank you to all the players, arbiters and commentary team for a great event.


Open | FIDE Major | FIDE Minor | Games | Entries | Information & Arrangements | Winners


Jack Rudd and Nigel Davies have annotated some games from this event. Thank you both!

9th 4NCL Online Congress

Friday 18 - Sunday 20 June


Thank you for taking part in this event


Open | U2000 | U1700 | U1400 | U1100 | Games | Entries | Information | Winners

8th 4NCL Online Congress

Friday 21 - Sunday 23 May


Thank you for taking part in this event


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4NCL Online Spring Congress

Tuesday 2 February - Tuesday 27 April


Thank you for taking part in this event


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4NCL Online Dates H2 2021 and H1 2022

Full details here

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