Main 4NCL Arbiter Interest Form


Main 4NCL Arbiter Interest Form


The main 4NCL is seeking to recruit arbiters for the 2021-22 Season.



Deadline for applications: 21 August


To be considered as an arbiter you must be registered with FIDE as a licensed NA, FA or IA. If you are registered with FIDE as ENG, SCO or WLS but do not have a licence then the appropriate federation can arrange for you to get one. The different federations will have different processes for this. In all cases for those wishing to obtain an NA title it will be necessary to attend a course and pass an exam. For FAs and IAs whose licences have expired a fee may be required.



It may be possible to offer training/experience to those wishing to obtain a FIDE NA arbiter title or improve an existing title.


Divisions 1 and 2 will play at one venue, Division 3 is divided into 3 sections, South, Central and North. Arbiters will normally be allocated to the venue nearest to them, though exceptions may be made for those wishing to upgrade titles or who have teams with which they are connected playing in their nearest venue. See this page for full venue details and dates.


The Chief Arbiter will be Alex McFarlane and Shohreh Bayat will be the Deputy Chief Arbiter. Each venue will have a Sector Arbiter in charge. Due to the application of Fair Play procedures, which will involve scanning players, it is desirable that there are both male and female arbiters at each venue. Any arbiter unwilling to carry out the Fair Play policy should not apply for a position.


All arbiters will be expected to:


  • Set Up Playing Hall prior to play

  • Supervise Games

  • Apply Fair Play Policy

  • Enter Results into the dedicated software

  • Clear up playing hall at the end of the weekend


It may also be necessary to ensure Covid19 regulations are followed but at this point it is unclear what these will be, if any. This should not deter applicants, though it is accepted that it may prevent participation when these restrictions are known.


Financial Arrangements:


  • 40 per round

  • 25 for people who arrive in time to help set up on Friday night (by request)

  • 20 per night at the hotel (a meal allowance)

  • Accommodation on a Bed & Breakfast basis

  • Travel at either 30p/mile, or the cost of a standard rail ticket


This is a call for arbiters to express their interest. It does not commit anyone to officiate in the coming season. There will be a Zoom meeting of all interested arbiters arranged (lasting no more than an hour) to take place in late-July/early-August to outline the requirements, explain basic procedures and answer any questions. This will be followed by a Training session for all potential arbiters and a further session for potential Sector Arbiters (chief arbiter at a venue). These will be held shortly before the start of the season.


There will also be training meetings for arbiters and sector arbiters held before the start of the season for those who may participate.


Alex McFarlane

4NCL Chief Arbiter


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