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Various images from 2011/12


Divisions 1-3: 2011-12

30.05.2012 - After an exciting year congratulations should go to the following winners in the 2011-12 season:

Div 1: Championship Pool: Wood Green Hilsmark 1 | Div 1: Demotion Pool: Cambridge University 1.

Div 2: Promotion Pool: AMCA Dragons | Div 2: Demotion Pool: Barbican Youth.

Div 3: Winners: 2.

The following teams were promoted/relegated:

Div 1: Relegation: Oxford 1, The AD's,  Bristol 1 & Anglian Avengers 1.

Div 2: Promotion: AMCA Dragons, Warwickshire Select, South Wales Dragons & Sambuca Sharks.

Div 2: Relegation: Cambridge University 2, Bradford DCA Knights A, Brown Jack & FCA Solutions 1.

Div 3: Promotion: 2, KJCA Kings, North East England & Wessex.

Rating Prizes:

Div 3: Cambridge University 3 & 4.

J4NCL dates confirmed

10.05.2012 - The following weekends for the Junior 4NCL 2012/13 season at the Hinckley Island Hotel and Daventry Court Hotel have been booked;

  1. 17th-18th November 2012

  2. 19th-20th January 2013

  3. 6th-7th April 2013.


And in case you missed them, the dates for the main 4NCL for 2012/13 are also here.

Yorkshire Teams at 4NCL

10.05.2012 - Here is another nice report, this time on the fortunes of the Yorkshire teams at the final 4NCL weekend - with thanks to Andrew Bak (Bradford DCA).

Fifth Weekend Team Report

10.05.2012 - Many thanks to John Carleton, Spirit of Atticus Captain, for providing an entertaining team report from the final weekend.

Final Weekend Report 

09.05.2012 - A report from the fifth and final weekend is available here - with thanks to Lawrence Cooper.

FIDE crosstables 

09.05.2012 - Final Players Crosstable (Excel format) and Crosstables after rounds 9-11 (CSV format) are now available - with thanks to Neville Belinfante.

Players Crosstable in XLS format | After Rds 9-11 CSV | After Rd8 CSV | After Rd7 in CSV |

More photos

09.05.2012 - We are grateful to John Upham (AMCA) for producing an excellent set of photos during weekend 5 at Hinckley Island.

PGNs Rds 9-11

08.05.2012 - Several are now available with more to follow soon. Please allow time, as the task particularly for division 3, is considerable. A combined set of files for each division including replays will be created when any errors and/or adjustments have been made.


08.05.2012 - Some small but important corrections were needed to the Div 1c & d round 11 results and tables (three games only). NB. These have now been made.

Norms achieved  

07.05.2012 - Congratulations to the following for achieving title norms.

11 Round GM - Richard Palliser (White Rose)

11 Round IM - Sam Franklin (Barbican)

10 Round IM - Michael JR White (Oxford)

Division 3 Round 10 pairings

06.05.2012 - Please note there has been an adjustment to the round 10 pairings; details here.

CHESS Monthly


04.05.2012 - We are grateful to Malcolm Pein and his team at Chess & Bridge for permission to publish three articles about the 4NCL which were published in recent issues of CHESS Monthly .


  Rounds 1&2

  Rounds 3 to 6

  Rounds 7&8


Download a PGN of annotated games used in these articles.




Older items for this season can be found on the News Archives page.





Whilst we are happy to display entry forms for forthcoming congresses at the 4NCL weekends, please send any such information to Dave Welch. You can find Dave's address here.

For older 2011/12 news items click here.




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